Project Baki 3 Trello Link And Discord Server (2024)

The Trello and Discord Server links will help players get some useful information on Project Baki 3. Since these information can help you level up in this Roblox game, they should not be missed out on.

The Project Baki 3 Trello link and Discord Server will help you get some much-needed information that will help you level up in the Roblox game. Project Baki 3 takes inspiration from the hit anime series Baki and there are a lot of details that players would need to know unless they have watched it. If you are finding it hard to level up, this guide might be helpful for you to figure out what to do.

Although this Trello won’t hand over the secrets to become the best, it will certainly help you level up to a certain extent where you can understand the game. The Discord community is also another helpful way to get out some information by interacting with players who have actually experienced the game. This wiki has the links to the Trello and the Discord Server and that should be more than enough for you.

Project Baki 3 Trello Link

Trello Link and Discord Server for Project Baki 3
Image via Project Baki 3 Trello

Here’s the Project Baki 3 Trello Link that you are looking for:

Project Baki 3 Discord Server

The Discord Server will have numerous channels including announcements for some news, updates on the game, or even codes. Along with that, you also get to interact with the community which might help you land some useful tips to level up in the game. The Discord community is huge and often helpful to one another and if you are interested in joining the official one for the Roblox game, you can use the link available below.

Project Baki 3 Controls

Here are some of the Project Baki 3 controls that you might find helpful in the game:

  • Q – Dash
  • G – Rage (LOW HP)
  • F – Block
  • W+W / Left Control – Run
  • Z / X / C / V / B – Abilities

The Project Baki 3 Trello and Discord Server links could be a wealth of game information and players should not miss out on them. For some useful rewards in the Roblox game, check out our guide on Project Baki 3 codes in our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak.