Best Seasonal Profitable Crops To Sell In SOS A Wonderful Life

In need of some gold in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life? Here are the most profitable crops that you can sell.

If you are playing Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life, knowing the most profitable crops will come in handy. Like most farming simulation games, having money, or in the case of this game Gold is a must. And while there are various ways to make money like raising animals, digging sites, and more. Selling Crops still is one of the easiest things you can do.

Most Profitable Crops to Sell in Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Most Profitable Crops

The most profitable crops in this game are the ones you grow from Hybrid seeds. You need to unlock this feature by first reaching the spring of year two and getting Vinnie from Takakura. After you get the three-headed plant, you have to talk to it to increase your friendship level and make it reach the red bar. Now, you are ready to feed it two different crops or seeds to get a new Hybrid crop.

So in terms of how much gold you can earn from them, these 3 are the most profitable crops you should grow:

  • Melosweet – 690 Gold
  • Potamelo – 680 Gold
  • Melotoma – 660 Gold


To grow this crop you need:

  • Sweet Potato x1
  • Watermelon x1

If your fusion happens to be of an S-grade then this crop sells for 690 Gold. You can also use it to make Melosweet Ice-cream and give it to Romana in exchange for a “Special Watering Can”.

Its usage in recipes is quite limited as one of its main uses is for an eggplant. So it is best you start selling it once you get your Watering Can. You can grow it during Spring to Summer.


Just like Melosweet, Potamelo too makes up for its lack of uses by being worth more when sold. To grow one you will need:

  • Potato x1
  • Melon x1

Don’t worry even if your product turns out to be of B or A-grade quality as they still fetch high prices of 590 & 635 gold respectively. You can grow it during Summer to Autumn.


Out of the three, Melotoma won’t fetch you the most gold, but it can be used in producing many other crops. An S grade Melotoma can be sold for 660 gold. For this crop you will need:

  • Melon x1
  • Tomato x1

You can grow it during the seasons of Spring to Autumn.

That’s all for this list of the most profitable crops to sell for gold in Story of Seasons a Wonderful Life. For more help on this game be sure to check out our SoS: A Wonderful Life section.