Resident Evil 4 Remake Professional Mode: How To Unlock It

Check out our guide to know everything about the Resident Evil 4 Remake Professional Mode and how to unlock it.

Resident Evil 4 Remake boasts a playthrough duration of about 12 to 20 hours, depending on your chosen game mode. If you speed-ran through the game at once, you might want to take on Re4 Remake’s Professional mode. While several players settled for Hardcore or Standard difficulty mode, completing the game in Professional mode can net you some unique unlockables. But what is it, and how to unlock this game mode? Check out our guide for the Resident Evil 4 Remake Professional Mode.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Professional Mode – How to Unlock

resident evil 4 remake professional mode

You can unlock the Professional Mode by completing the RE4 Remake on any difficulty game mode. This makes completing the campaign missions your only priority. You can either choose New Game Plus (NG+) mode or go for a fresh start.

This game mode is a level up from the difficulties you may have faced on Hardcore or any other modes. You can expect difficulties and changes while playing the Resident Evil 4 remake’s Professional mode. However, on the brighter side, you can also get a few perks and unlockables during this game mode.

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What is Re4 Remake Professional Mode? (Explained)

The Professional Mode in Resident Evil 4 Remake has several differences in difficulty and gameplay mechanics. One of the major changes is that there are no Autosaves during the Professional Mode playthrough. So, you must rely on the Typewriters to save your game manually. Although if you are looking for an S+ rank, you would want to keep a check on the Saves.

Secondly, Parrying is limited to only Perfect Parries. With lesser close-range options, you must be precise and accurate every time. While it may take a few tries at first, Perfect Parrying can help improve your skills. You can check out our guide on how to parry for some tips and more insights.

Now, the Silver Lining to the Professional mode is that all Weapon modifications will be available from the start. But if you have chosen the NG+ mode, you will have the weapon mods anyway. However, it can give you an early advantage in beating the Parasites and other monsters.

Lastly, you can unlock and buy several unlockables by choosing the Professional Mode. For the players wanting to unlock and get the Chicago Typewriter, beat the RE4 Remake in Professional Mode within 7 hours. Once you earn an A+ rank and unlock this weapon, you can buy it from the Extra Content Shop for 1000 CP.

If you are looking for more unlockables, check out our Resident Evil 4 Remake Unlockables for more insight.

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