How To Find The Princess’ Sting Pendant In Lords Of The Fallen

Wondering where to find the Princess’ Sting Pendant in Lords of the Fallen? This guide will help you find this ornate golden pendant.

In Lords of the Fallen, you will discover a new magical pendant, Princess’ Sting, that enhances damage output while wearing lighter armor. This highly coveted pendant can prove extremely useful for agile fighters and spellcasters. However, obtaining it is no easy task— it lies hidden behind a challenging set of puzzles and obstacles. We’ll explain where to find the Princess’ Sting Pendant in Lords of the Fallen.

Princess Sting Pendant Location in Lords of the Fallen

Princess Sting Pendant can be found in the Skyrest area

The Princess Sting Pendant is fashioned in the likeness of a formidable insect native to the Oathlands. Its detailed carving hints at the natural weapons and armor that granted this beast dominance over its territory.

This ornate golden pendant can be found in the Skyrest area of Lords of the Fallen. To get it, you will need to enter the Umbral Realm in Skyrest.

Begin from the back entrance to Skyrest, which can be opened with the Skyrest Bridge Key. Go through the middle walkway until you reach the end. On the right side, you’ll see a gated door locked in the Axiom Realm.

Switch to the Umbral Realm to pass through this door. Cross the spine walkway until you reach the other side of the small room. On the left side, you’ll find an Umbral Belly hanging from the ceiling. Soulflay the Belly to make an item pop out.

This item will be the Princess Sting Pendant, and you can pick it up to add it to your inventory. The pendant deals additional damage the lower your equipment load is.

Worn as a jewel of power by the Princess of Mournstead, this pendant increased her skill in stealth and assassination. Its abilities matched her obsessive desires to prove herself a shadowy killer beyond her station.

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