Super Mario RPG: Post Game Bosses & Where To Find Them

Here’s where you can unlock the Post Game Boss Rematches in Super Mario RPG.

Note: Our guide contains heavy spoilers related to the game. So if you haven’t completed it yet, I suggest you do so.

Super Mario RPG offers you plenty of fun content even after you have completed the main story. This includes the Sound Player, Stat Report, and the most anticipated Boss Rematches. You heard it right, you can battle the bosses that appeared during the story missions during the post-game events. But this time, they will appear as a stronger version of themselves.

So if you would like this challenge, our guide can help you with that. Check out here to learn how you can come across all the Post Game Bosses in Super Mario RPG.

How to Unlock Boss Rematches in Super Mario RPG

  • Firstly, you need to complete all the missions (including side quests) and watch the credits roll.
  • After that, you will be able to save the data.
  • Load this data and you will see Mario wake up on his bed.
How to unlock Super Mario RPG Post Game Bosses
  • Now, Toad will show up and give you a Stay Voucher of Marrymore Inn.
  • Use the Map to visit the Marrymore Inn in Moleville Region.
How to Unlock Super Mario RPG Post Game Bosses
  • Wait for a while until Geno shows up and speaks about a flashing light on the Star Hill.
  • Visit Star Hill and finish the cutscene there.
How to Get First Super Mario RPG Post Game Boss
  • You should now visit the Frog Sage in the Tadpole Pond.
  • There, you will unlock your first Boss Rematch with Belome in Belome Temple.

Once you have defeated Belome, you will be asked to battle other Bosses as well. Eventually, you will unlock a secret boss known as the Culex 3D but more on that later.

All Post Game Boss Rematches in Super Mario RPG (Location)

Here’s a list of all the post game bosses that you can beat. Alongside, we have also mentioned their location and rewards:

Scratchy-Throat Belome

Scratchy-Throat Belome Post Game Boss in Super Mario RPG
  • Location: Belome’s Temple
  • Reward: Sage Stick

Mario Style Jinx (Optional Boss)

Mario Style Jinx
  • Location: Monstro Town Dojo
  • Reward: Teamwork Band

Leveled-Up Punchinello

Leveled-Up Punchinello Post Game Boss
  • Location: Moleville Mines
  • Reward: Wonder Chomp (for Bowser)

Extra-Fancy Bundt & Extra-Fancy Raspberry

Extra-Fancy Bundt & Extra-Fancy Raspberry
  • Location: Merrymore
  • Reward: Enduring Brooch

Engine 023 Booster

Engine 023 Booster
  • Location: Booster Tower
  • Reward: Stella 023

Duel-Ready Johnny

Duel-Ready Johnny
  • Location: Sunken Ship (Pirate Base)
  • Reward: Extra-Shiny Stone

Culex 3D (Secret Boss)

Super Mario RPG Secret Boss Fight
  • Location: Monstro Town
  • Reward: Crystal Shard

How to Unlock Culex 3D Secret Boss

As mentioned earlier, Culex is a secret boss in Super Mario RPG and you must beat him to beat all the post-game bosses. You can only find him if you have defeated the Duel-Ready Johnny and collected the Extra-Shiny Stone. Having this item is the most important prerequisite for unlocking the Culex Boss Fight.

Once you have collected the Extra-Shiny Stone, head back to Monstro Town. There, a black door will appear once again. So you need to pass through that door in order to unlock the Culex 3D Boss Fight in Super Mario RPG. Stay careful as this is going to be the toughest boss fight in the entire game. After beating him, you will be given a Crystal Shard that gives no stat benefits. Instead, this item is proof that you have beaten the toughest post-game boss.

That covers everything about the Post Game Bosses in Super Mario RPG. For more such content, feel free to navigate through our website. We have made a dedicated section for Super Mario RPG Guides so you can check that out as well.