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What are different Powers of Pokemons in Pokemon Medallion Battle

Special Ability Guide

Pokemon Medallion Battle is a unique way of playing a Pokemon game on Facebook. In games like Pokemon Go trainers can use Pokeball to capture Pokemons and getting the best one in their collection takes time and effort. But in Pokemon Medallion Battle you play more like a card game where players with high CP + Powers easily wins the match. If you are new to Pokemon Medallion Battle and want some beginners tips then here is a guide – How to play Pokemon Medallion Battle. Or else if you already know about the game but looking for more details on Pokemons Powers, that is their special abilities then here is a Pokemon Medallion Battle Power guide.

All Pokemons Powers in Pokemon Medallion Battle


Some Pokemons in Pokemon Medallion Battle come with special abilities, called as Power. This is auto-activated when you place them against the opponent. Powers can do a lot of things and make you a winner instantly. So here is details on types of Powers you will see in Pokemon Medallion Battle.

1. Super Effective:

This is the best one, Super Effective will Multiplayer CP against your opponent’s active Pokemon. It multiples CP on the basis of Pokemon’s property like Rarity, Legendary, etc. Sometime even after using a low CP Pokemon, you will see the Super Effective power can amplify the CP grabbing points in your account.


2. Priority:

This one is also quite helpful, if you have a Pokemon with Priority ability then your Pokemon will be activated before the opponent attacks you. So in simple words, it will try to cancel the opponent’s Special Power.

3. Protect:


This one is like a draw, that means it will draw your turn not the entire match. When a Pokemon with Protect ability comes in the match on one wins or loose and you do not lose your turn.

4. Arena:

Pokemon with Arena Super Ability adds bonus CP in the game, it will add CP to the active Pokemon but it will not work on all. Bonus CP is only added to certain types of Pokemons, so this means the power if limited.


5. Hazard:

This one will simply lower the combat power of your opponent’s next Active Pokemon making it weaker against your next turn. If the opponent has low CP pokemon you will surely earn a point.

6. Support:

It works opposite of Hazard, Support power in Pokemon Medallion Battle will increase the CP of next Active Pokemon in the game.

7. Reveal:

Reveal is a simple power in the Pokemon Medallion Battle that can be useful to some extent. When you drop a Pokemon with this power you will be able to see one of the hidden Pokemons of your opponent. So you can have a view on what your Opponent is carrying in his pocket.

All these seven powers are available randomly when you start playing Pokemon Medallion Battle.