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How to Play Pokemon Medallion Battle on Facebook

New Pokemon Game like Poker

Facebook launched two new games Pokemon Tower Battle and Pokemon Medallion Battle, Tower battle is simple to play where you can stack Pokemons over each other and win matches. If you want to know how to play Pokemon Medallion Battle then there is a small Beginners guide that will teach you various aspects of the game and share tips on how to play Pokemon Medallion Battle on Facebook.

How to play Pokemon Medallion Battle


Pokemon Medallion Battle is similar to like playing a card game, where you have to throw a high CP Pokemon the desk, the opponent will low CP Pokemon will be kicked out. You have to win 3 matches to grab some Poke Cons and rewards.

  1. Every player gets 6 Pokemons, you can use them in the game. On the virtual desk just drag the Pokemon against the opponents Pokemon, no one can see what is behind the Pokeball icon, it is hidden so you cannot see players Pokemon as well opponent cannot see yours.
  2. Every win will give you 1 Point, player who gets 3 points first wins the match. You can play with your friend by clicking on the Invite button on the Battle Screen. Facebook is also prepping to add Co-op features in the future.
  3. Red Pokeballs on the bench means Pokemon from Lowest Tier, then there is Blue called as Great Pokeballs that offer you high CP Pokemons the strongest are behind Ultra Ball – Black Pokeballs. During the battle, you can add only 2 Great Ball (Blue) & 2 Ultra Ball (Black) on the bench.
  4. You can sell additional Pokemon Medals in exchange for Candies that can be used to evolve Pokemon. You can also send Pokemons to Lab to get candies in exchange.
  5. Types of Pokemon you can add in your Team is Colorless, Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Fighting, and Psychic. You can modify your Team and pick the top CP pokemon to right.
  6. Some Pokemons come with Special Abilities, which is Powers. These powers are activated automatically during the battle when you choose the Pokemon. Every Pokemon can have only one power like Protect – this means your Active Pokemon cannot win or lose. The current move is canceled, no one wins and you can continue with the match.

How to win in Pokemon Medallion Battle?


Pokemon Medallion Battle is tricky to understand, but after playing a few battles you will be able to understand it well. The game begins with a pack of 6 Pokemons with each player. You have drag and place a Pokemon on the bench and wait for opponents’ turn. If the opponent releases a Pokemon with higher CP then you lose the battle and he/she earns 1 Point. But if you are lucky and have a Special Ability attached to the Pokemon like Super Effective that Multiplay CP you can win it.

Whoever gets three points at first wins the match. Slowly you will unlock stronger Pokemons and do not forget to evolve them with time. When you lose the match you do not lose your Pokemon, they remain in your Pokedex. You can continue playing and unlock amazing rewards.

Hope our Pokemon Medallion Battle beginners guide can help you enjoy this cool game.