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Pokemon Go Reveals The Last Legendary Swords of Justice Pokémon Virizion

Pokemon Go has been a phenomenon and it has been introducing Legendary Pokemon in raids as of late, the latest Pokemon to be revealed is Virizion and it is the last of the Legendary Swords of Justice Pokémon to join Pokémon Go’s tier five raids.

As this is a Legendary type Pokemon you can only get one in raid battles and while Virizion is a grass type Pokemon taking it down can become a task if you do not know what to use against it.


To catch a Virizion you will need a couple of other Pokemon Go players with whom you can take on Virizion, once you have enough players you should be able to defeat it and catch it with a handful of Premier Balls.

Virizion though dominantly is a grass type, it also has fighting type Pokemon quality, making it a dual-type Legendary. Virizion is weak against Flying-type Pokemon so make sure that you use these when taking on one.

You will have until January 7 to get your hands on one of this majestic Legendary Pokemon and if you are lucky you may even get one on your first try.


Pokemon Go revealed Virizion in emphatic fashion and you can check it out right here.


If you do not have a Flying-type Pokemon with you do not worry as you can take a Fire, Ice, Poison, Psychic, or Fairy type Pokemon to have with you so that you can inflict the maximum damage and get closer to getting one for you.

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