Pokemon Go Fans Unable To Catch Shiny Carvanha, Furious Over The Incense Day Event

Why did the Incense Day event caused so much disdain in the Pokemon Go gamer's community!?

The recent Incense Day event on May 17 in Pokemon Go was not taken up well by the gamers when they failed to catch a single Shiny Carvanha. Pokemon Go gamers were all riled up for this event, solely because they had a chance to add the notoriously rare, Shiny Carvanha to their collection.

Carvanha as such is pretty common in Pokemon GO but exclusive Pokemons like the Golden Magikarp, Red Gyarados, and the Shiny Carvanha can only be found in events or hatching of rare eggs. This justifies the anger of many Pokemon Go players, after all, they spent around 4 hours on average, playing the Incense Day event to find the Shiny Carvanha.

What was the cause of this reduced spawn rate of Shiny Carvanha?

It is yet to be uncovered whether this was a glitch in Niantic servers or a gimmick to foster more players while giving fewer rewards. All over Japan, New Zealand, and Australia players reported that they were engaged in the game for almost the whole 6-hour duration and didn’t find any Shiny Carvanha.

Those who did come across Shiny Carvanha got not more than one. This took away the whole point of the Incense DAy event which should technically enhance the spawn rate of a particular Pokemon. Some gamers openly shared a piece of their mind on twitter, deeming the event as “ the worst until now”. Some Pokemon Go gamers allegedly threatened Niantic that they would discontinue playing this game.

As of now, Niantic has been silent on the outcome of these events. It is still not confirmed whether this was indeed a glitch or what steps were taken to increase the spawn rate of this Pokemon after surfacing of numerous complaints. There have been such events in the past as well, where players were left dumbfounded in events like these, but the game developers pay no heed to them. If Niantic continues this unsympathetic behavior with its community, it might eventually start losing its gamers.

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