Which Slowpoke Form Is Better In Pokemon Go: Slowbro Or Slowking?

Are you finding it difficult to choose between the Slowbro & Slowking evolutions of Slowpoke in Pokemon Go? Read this article to see the best choice!

If you have captured a perfect Slowpoke in Pokemon Go, you would know about its two transformations, Slowbro & Slowking. As a trainer, you will need to choose between one of these transformations to use against other Pokemon during raids. In this article, we will help you make this tricky decision.

Should You Choose Slowking or Slowbro in Pokemon Go?

Check out which transformation of the Slowpoke is better in Pokemon Go with our comparison.


slowking pokemon go

The Slowking is a water and psychic Pokemon. As mentioned earlier, it is one of the two possible transformations of the Slowpoke. The biggest difference between Slowking and Slowbro is not statistics, but movesets. Slowking has a Combined Power (CP) of 2,545, with an attack of 177 and a defense of 180. This transformation also has a stamina of 160.

Slowking likes to use confusion as its fast move. For its charge moves, it prefers to use the blizzard and psychic. Apart from these, the Slowking can also learn and master the fire blast.

Now that we know about Slowking, let’s check out Slowbro.


slowbro pokemon go

As we told you some time ago in this article, Slowbro shares most of its statistics with Slowking. This means that like the Slowking, the Slowbro too has an attack of 177 and a defense of 180, with a Combined Power (CP) score of 2,545. At 216, the Slowbro has higher stamina than the Slowking.

While this is not the best Pokemon choice when going for a raid, you can use it better in the Ultra. For the best fast move results, you should use confusion. For Slowbro’s charge moves, we recommend you use ice beam and psychic. This transformation of the Slowpoke can also learn water pulse.

This is all that you have to know about Slowbro. Now let’s find out which among the two is the best to choose.

Slowking vs Slowbro: Which One Should You Choose?

Purely going by statistics, it is pretty difficult to choose between the Slowking and Slowbro in Pokemon Go, as both are quite similar in this field. The only difference in stats is Slowbro’s stamina, which is higher at 216.

To understand the difference, you will have to first determine what type of Ice-attack you are planning to use. Slowking will do 140 damage for 75 energy, while Slowbro will do 90 damage for 55 energy.

Based on this particular statistic and coupled with the fact that confusion earns 3 energy with each turn, Slowbro is the better choice. This is because you will be able to use its ice beam attack much more frequently.

So there you have it. With all there is to know about Slowbro and Slowking in Pokemon Go, you can make the right choice when it comes to transforming your Slowpoke. Picking the right transformation will help you gain an edge during PvP as well as against other Pokemon during raids.

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