How To Refer Friends And Get Rewards In Pokemon Go Referral Program

Find out how the Pokemon Go Referral Program works, how to refer friends and list of rewards you can get.

There’s a new Friend Referral Program in Pokemon Go where you can refer friends and earn rewards. Many players are curious to know how this friend referral system works and how they both can get rewards from it. Also, what are the rewards you can get for referring new or returning players? Our guide on how to refer friends in Pokemon Go will help you out.

How to Refer Friends in Pokemon Go

Follow these steps to refer friends in Pokemon Go and get rewards and bonuses from the Referral program.

  1. Open up the Friends Menu in the game.
  2. Select Invite.
  3. Copy your own Referral Code that can be used by a friend.
  4. Share this code with other players.
  5. This will apply to those friends who are either new to Pokemon Go or are returning to the game after 90 days or so.

How does it work?

All your friends have to do is paste the Pokemon Go Referral Code when they are trying to create an account for themselves. They can also use it after logging in and finding the Friends Profile page right there in the game. You have to also ensure that the player is on your friends list. That’s pretty much it. This brings us to another question – how to get rewards after referring friends in Pokemon Go? What are the rewards that the new or returning player gets and what does the referrer receive? Read on to know.

Pokemon Go Referral Program Rewards List

How to Get Pokemon Go Friend Referral Rewards

To redeem the bonuses and rewards after referring friends in Pokemon Go, you have to wait. The friend has to actually play and complete tasks which will help you get the rewards for it. There are specific referral tasks like winning a raid, hatching 20 eggs and more that your friend needs to complete. Thankfully, there will be rewards for both – the new or returning player as well as the referrer so that’s awesome.

Pokemon Go Referral Program Rewards List

Here’s a list of the Referral tasks and the rewards for both types of players.

Task to Complete Reward for Referred Player Reward for Referrer
Hatch 3 Eggs 1 Rare Candy Galarian Farfetch’d encounter
Catch 1000 Pokémon 3 Premium Battle Passes 3 Incenses
Win 3 Raids Lapras encounter 1 Premium Battle Pass
Catch 50 Pokémon 1 Super Incubator Darumaka encounter
Trade 5 Pokémon 10 Pidgey stickers 10 Pidgey stickers
Make 2 new friends 10 Pikachu stickers 10 Pikachu stickers
Give buddy 50 treats 5 Rare Candies Gible encounter
Defeat 3 Team Go Rocket Grunts Charizard encounter Charizard encounter
Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader 50 Mega Charizard Energy 50 Mega Charizard Energy
Earn 50 candies walking with a buddy 5 Premium Battle Passes 30 Rare Candies
Visit Poké Stops 30 days in a row a Pokémon encounter a Pokémon encounter
Make 100 Nice Throws Snorlax encounter 2 Super Incubators
Win a Raid 1 Premium Battle Pass Bagon encounter
Hatch 20 Eggs Chansey encounter Deino encounter
Win 20 Raids 3 Super Incubators 5 Super Incubators

So, once your friend achieves various milestones during their adventure, you will earn rewards and bonuses as well.

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