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How To Redeem Promo Codes In Pokemon Go?

Redeeming the promo codes is an easy task, getting them is the mystery!

You might have often wondered what that promo section is doing there in your Poke shop. You might not have come across any promo codes for Pokemon Go either, so why is the game teasing us!? Well, the codes might just be as rare as the Sinnoh stones, but they do exist and you can redeem them from the promo section from the Poke Shop .


But sadly these codes cannot be redeemed on iOS devices. It might get this option in the future but for now, we can stoop to say that this guide is only for our Android users. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of redeeming them, let us find out…

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What Are Promo Codes in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go promo codes are alphanumeric unique characters published and distributed by Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go. These codes allow you to unlock special in-game gifts like pokeballs, incense, poke eggs, potions and modules.


There is even a chance of winning Pokegoodies but that might entirely or partially depend on your address of residence. Although there haven’t been any pokemon gifted via promo codes yet, it is still a possibility for the near future.



How to get Promo codes in Pokemon Go?

As easy as it may sound, getting a promo code in Pokemon Go is next to impossible. Niantic never really release many promo codes. This is mainly because iOS charges 30% on all redeemable sales on its devices. This has stopped Niantic from enabling the promo option in all iOS devices. Hence to practice a balance between both Android and iOS users, Niantic decided to never pay much heed to the subject.

Although, for a brief period in early May 2020, Niantic did release a few of them as a mode of advertising the game itself. No one knows for sure how many users or non-users received them, but shortly after Niantic suspended the further release.


Occasionally, promo codes are sent out to elite class users and gym leaders to keep them interested in the game or to stop them from leaving, but that’s the maximum outreach of these promo codes. If you still manage to get your hands on them in the near future, this guide will definitely help you with redeeming those codes.

How to redeem Pokemon Go Promo codes?

Count yourself extremely lucky if you have received a Pokemon Go Promo Code from Niantic. Once you have the code, the process of redeeming it is quite straightforward –

  • Open the Pokemon Go main app.
  • Click the PokeBall icon in the center bottom of your screen.
  • Go to Shop.
  • You will see a plethora of items in that store, scroll down to the absolute bottom of the shop.
  • Youll find a promos option with a text bar.
  • Copy-paste the code in that text bar.
  • You will get a notification or a mail on your gamer-id on redeeming the promo code.
  • Done! Its that simple.

Even if you receive simple pokeballs or fruits as a gift, be proud of yourself, it is not every day that one receives a promo code from Niantic. Its been almost 4 years since the release of Pokemon Go, a lot many features and Poke-leagues were added and still the promo code remains a mystery to every user. Hopefully, we can see Niantic whole-heartedly give out Pokemon Go Promo Codes to all its users to mark special occasions and achievements.