Best Ways To Find Sinnoh Stones In Pokemon Go

This is all you need to know about the Sinnoh stone and how to acquire it in Pokemon Go

Getting your hands on a Sinnoh Stone is as rare as bagging a legendary pokemon like Articuno or a Moltres in Pokemon Go. Sinnoh Stone is the newest feature of the Sinnoh league which allows you to evolve only a selected few Pokemon – Mamoswine, Electivire, and Roserade are a few of those Pokemon that are your best bet in evolving using a Sinnoh Stone. They have a high Combat Point hence very useful to have them in your fighting league.

And if you are more of a Pokemon collector, having a pile of Sinnoh Stones becomes mandatory for you, without them you cannot aim at bagging all Pokemon there are.

How to Get Sinnoh Stones in Pokemon Go

Here are the 3 possible ways to find a Sinnoh stone –

  • Community Day – Training with a gym leader guarantees you 1 Sinnoh stone for every training session completed. The February Community Day proved to be the most rewarding of all times. Gamers received up to 10 Sinnoh Stones – 5 for defeating friends in PvP battles that day and 5 for defeating three team leaders.
  • Field Research Reward – Upon finishing the seven-day Research task streak, you stand a chance to win 1 Sinnoh stone. And this is purely based on your luck, as you know the nature of reward systems; they change every now and then.
  • Player vs Player Battles – If you have been playing the game for a while now, you must be aware of how surprisingly rewarding after battle rewards can be. The PvP battles can give you absolutely useless items like pineapple and raspberries, or they can be kind enough to reward you with a Sinnoh Stone.

The above-mentioned methods are the only possible ways to obtain the rare Sinnoh Stone, so you can rest assured that you haven’t missed any Sinnoh Stone while you passed by a poke stop and forgot to spin the wheel. But why is the Sinnoh Stone a rarity in the game? The answer lies in the Pokemon it can evolve – a total of just 18 from a list of 498  Pokemons in Pokemon GO currently.

Which Pokemon can be evolved using a Sinnoh Stone?

It is important to note that every Sinnoh Stone evolution requires a particular number of candies to fuel each evolution, hence it is better to stock up on them first-hand. Here is a list of all possible Sinnoh stone evolutions in Pokemon Go.

Sinnoh Stone evolutions
Image credit: Couple of Gaming/twitter

This is all you need to know about the Sinnoh stone and how to acquire it in Pokemon Go. Be sure to check out our other helpful guides for Pokemon Go.