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Pokemon Go Cheats 2022 – How Do Cheats Work?

Pokemon Go Cheats 2021: Check out how Cheat codes work and how you can 'hack' it to get unlimited Pokemon, farm Candies and more.

Pokemon Go Cheats 2021 will allow you to not only catch a number of different Pokemon but will also let you automate the process. You need to keep in mind that using cheats in frowned upon by Niantic and you risk getting your account permanently banned. If you still want to check out Pokemon Go cheat codes or ‘hacks’, make sure to read below.

Pokemon Go Cheats 2022

We’ll start off this list by mentioning the least harmful cheats that you can use in Pokemon Go and will keep on raising the bar up. Keep in mind that if you’re found using Pokemon Go Cheats 2021, your account will be suspended and you won’t be able to use your account ever again.

Pokemon Go Cheats 2021

Account Sharing With Someone Overseas

While it is not possible for you to walk all over the earth in the hunt for Pokemon, players have been sharing their accounts with overseas players so that they can get their hands on rare and location-specific Pokemon in Pokemon Go. While Niantic doesn’t allow players to share accounts, it is still considered as a Pokemon Go Cheat 2021.

You can send your friends who are overseas your details and have them do the work for you, if you do it frequently enough, your location bounce will certainly make Niantic notice and will get you a ban.

Auto IV Checkers Pokemon Go Cheats 2021

Auto IV Checkers are third party applications that will let you know the IV of your Pokemon. While you can only judge the Pokemon based on their CP value, The IV value will let you know if the Pokemon is worth investing candy and evolving.

Using any third party app is off-limits for Pokemon Go and is considered a Cheat by Niantic. You will raise the risk of getting your account banned but this is one way for you to find out how to know the IV of any specific Pokemon.

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Geo Spoofing

You can run third-party apps and travel all over the world by geo spoofing in Pokemon Go and if you guessed it, yes this is a Pokemon Go Cheat 2021 that Niantic disapproves of. Niantic designed the game to promote walks and exploration but by spoofing you can make your character travel to anywhere in the world to catch Pokemon.

A lot of accounts have been banned who have used Geo Spoofing and while we do not recommend that you use it, it does allow you to catch Pokemon of various different locations from the comfort of your own home.


The worst and more serious type of Pokemon Go Cheat 2021 – botting is letting your character do all the work while you can focus on other things, your character will keep on catching Pokemon for the duration of the third party app in the background in running.

A lot of players have used this technique to increase the amounts of a single Pokemon so that they can later trade them for a bunch of candies and evolve the Pokemon that they want.

If you are caught botting, Niantic will certainly ban you from ever playing Pokemon Go again and you will end up losing all of your progress and everything else related to the game with it.

These are all the Pokemon Go Cheats that are being used in 2021, while if you’re not the one to cheat why not check out how to catch Shiny Hippopotas In Pokemon Go right here on Gamer Tweak.