How To Quickly Get Shiny Hippopotas In Pokemon Go?

Shiny Hippopotas is rare among the strongest pokemon in the game.

Hippopotas in Pokemon Go is one of the strongest normal types of Pokemon that you can find and finding the rare Shiny Pippopotas will give you satisfaction like nothing else. Finding this shiny Pokemon can be a bit difficult, but if you’re willing to grind then we’ve got the answer for you to help you get Shiny Hippopotas in Pokemon Go.

How To Get Shiny Hippopotas In Pokemon Go?

The Sinnoh Celebration Event in Pokemon Go has already begun and one of the Pokemon highlighted to have increased spawn rates is the Hippopotas, so by default, your chances of finding a Shiny Hippopotas has already increased. Make sure to use every item that you have in your inventory to bring them to you; this includes lures and other kinds as well.

shiny hippopotas

While there’s no guaranteed way to get a Shiny Hippopotas in Pokemon Go if you catch enough of them and there’s a high chance that you will run into a Shiny Hippopotas eventually. All you need is a lot of patience as the spawn rate currently is 1 in 450.

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There’s a bit of a color variation between the Hippopotas with their gender, the female kind tends to have lighter skin around the eyes and darker color around the nose. To identify a Shiny Hippopotas in Pokemon Go, look for a greenish tint, it is quite noticeable.

This is all there is to do to find a Shiny Hippopotas, the Sinnoh Celebration event has increased the spawn rate of a bunch of Pokemon in Pokemon Go and you can get your hands on either Pokemon like Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Cranidos, Shieldon, Combee, Buizel, Shadow Snover, and Shadow Stunky.

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