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How To Fuse Pokemons?

Ever wondered what would the fusion of a Pikachu and Meowth look like? Read along to find out.

The Pokemon Fusion allows you to fuse two Pokemon, of your choice. This is a fan-made website which allows the user to select any two Pokemon from the Kanto region and fuse them to obtain a completely new pokemon. This pokemon will closely resemble its parent pokemon, and this is what makes this website so interesting.


You can go all out in creativity, procuring just the perfect combination in your mind. Or you can sit back and have a good laugh at the pokemon created by the random generator. You might probably drain your minds out checking out every fusion, the Pokemon Fusion will still have more to offer. With more than 51,000 possible combinations, it is unquestionably the most ingenious idea out there.

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Alex Onsager designed the Pokemon Fusion website several years back but somehow has risen from the shadows only recently. Probably some Pokemon gamer/fanatic was bored to death and decided to randomly search up the fusion of a Psyduck with Onyx. And he was in no way disappointed!

image credits: https://pokemon.alexonsager.net/

How to fuse two Pokemon?

Here is an easy step by step guide to fuse 2 Pokemons of your choice –

  • Go to the Pokemon Fusion Website.
  • You will see 2 sections, each having a list of Kanto league Pokemons.
  • Choose a Pokemon from each section.
  • The Pokemon Fusion generator will generate you a fusion of those Pokemons that very instant.
  • You can also click on the random button to fuse any arbitrary of pokemon.

The outcome will definitely crack you up or make you fan-girl it in awe, there is no mid-way between this.

Here is how the fan-favorite Pikachu and Meowth fuse (image credits: https://pokemon.alexonsager.net/)

How does the Pokemon Fusion generator work?

The generator cleverly takes the body color and structure of the first Pokemon you choose. It then combines it with the head of the second Pokemon to give the resulting fusion. The fusion even has a name to it – the first half of the first Pokemon and the second half of the second. Fans all over the world are going crazy with these fusions. This tweet is from the original creator of the website, where he has generated a fusion between Koffing and Eevee. The name of the fusion has strategically changed to take a jibe at a joke from a few years back.


People are contesting between the funniest, scariest, cutest, and the most beautiful combinations of Pokemon Fusions. Whatever the outcome, this website has taken social media by storm. Alex might probably release an updated version of the Pokemon Fusion, exhibiting all seven generations of Pokemon.