Elden Ring: What Is Poise? (Explained)

How does Poise work and how to increase this stat in Elden Ring?

Stats in Elden Ring are those properties that determine where your character is strong and weak and Poise is one of the base stats. But what is Poise and how can you increase it? Let’s take a look in this guide.

What is Poise in Elden Ring?

what is poise elden ring

Poise is the stat that will determine how fast you collapse when enemies attack you. Basically, if your Poise stat is high, the chances of you getting staggered or stunned by enemy attacks will be low. While your character is in process of attacking the opponent, you will end up going ahead with it without breaking your motion. If it’s low, you will get stunned more frequently and it will interrupt your attack motion. As you can tell, it will be pretty damaging to those with melee builds. It also affects the ranged classes as well, so it’s preferred to have high Poise no matter which class you have chosen.

How to Increase the Poise Stat in Elden Ring?

Players can increase the Poise stat by wearing armor for their character’s head, chest, arms and legs. Leveling up also will help you boost Poise. As per multiple comments by the community on Reddit, here are some suggestions for armor and items to raise Poise in Elden Ring.

Armor & Items that Increase Poise

  • Bull-Goat Armor
  • Omen Armor
  • Bull-Goat Gauntlets
  • Bull-Goat’s Talisman
  • Lionel’s Set
  • Veteran’s Set

Now, in Dark Souls 1, Poise was like an invisible meter – where the more damage you took, the more the meter was depleted. Once your “Poise HP bar” was over, you would get staggered. In Elden Ring, though, it’s not so evident. At which point do you stop getting staggered? Is it 50? Above 50? There are a lot of variables based on your stats, weapon, attack, and abilities being used. Once your character is leveled up a lot, you might start seeing your character tank hits without flinching.

You can try experimenting with the Poise stat as it decides how many hits your character can take before it gets staggered. The good thing is if you only plan to play the PvE you don’t need to worry about it much. That’s because there are workarounds to defeating enemies/bosses without considering Poise. But on the flip side if you plan to engage a lot in PvP, then this stat is more important. And with good knowledge of it, you will have the upper hand in combat.

In case you are not able to get your hands on these armor sets and equipment and the Poise stat isn’t making a big difference – don’t worry. You can use a different strategy that involves evading/dodging attacks. There’s no one fixed way to take down a foe and that’s the fun of Elden Ring.

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