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Path of Exile Tier List – Every Class Ranked From Best to Worst

Picking the right class matters a lot in PoE, and with the right build combination, you will be unstoppable.

Picking the right class or character in Path of Exile can be exhausting at the start. With a massive skill tree, and character attributes it is not easy to pick the best class. In this PoE tier list guide, I will help you with picking the most powerful classes at the start. Going low down, the classes will fall short in dexterity, strength, and intelligence. Some of the weak classes in combination with the right skill set can overpower the high rankers. This Path of Exile Tier List is good enough to give you an overview of the best classes ranked from best to worst.

Path of Exile Tier List

Path of Exile Characters

PoE has seven classes and multiple sub-classes. Before we begin with the tier list it is necessary to understand the classes. After completing the Lord’s Labyrinth you will get an option to pick your first Ascendency class. There will be three unlocked at the start, while as you explore in total you can get access to 19 classes. There is also a massive skill tree that plays a big role in the strength and weaknesses of your class.

  1. Duelist – Slayer, Gladiator & Champion
  2. Marauder – Juggernaut, Berserker & Chieftain
  3. Ranger – Raider, Deadeye & Pathfinder
  4. Scion – Ascendant
  5. Shadow – Assassin, Trickster & Saboteur
  6. Templar – Inquisitor, Hierophant & Guardian
  7. Witch – Occultist, Elementalist & Necromancer
Tier Main Class Sub-class
S Tier List Scion Ascendant
Shadow Assassin
Witch Necromancer
Witch Elementalist
A Tier List Duelist Gladiator
Templar Inquisitor
Witch Occultist
Shadow Trickster
B Tier List Templar Hierophant
Duelist Slayer
Ranger Pathfinder
Ranger Raider
C Tier List Shadow Saboteur
Ranger Deadeye
Marauder Berserker
Duelist Champion
D Tier List Templar Guardian
Marauder Juggernaut
Marauder Chieftan

The above characters are sorted on the basis of best to worst. If you can unlock the right set of skills then you can have unstoppable builds in Path of Exile. This is just an overview of how the classes are ranked and what to pick from them and which one to ignore. Also, you can go into a little detail by researching all characters. To save your time here is a list of the best characters in Path of Exile.

  1. Trickster: Falls in the A-Tier, this character is best if you love magic.
  2. Necromancer: Falls in the A-Tier, can use high damaging skills.
  3. Hierophant: Falls in the B-Tier, place totems on the battleground for your benefit.
  4. Pathfinder: Falls in the B-Tier, best class to level up fast.
  5. Saboteur: Falls in the C-Tier, most powerful to deal with bosses.
  6. Juggernaut: Falls in the D-Tier, this character can cause high damage.

This is just enough to understand how the character’s tier list works in PoE. This guide will be updated time-based on the changes in the characters. Till then you can refer to find which are the best classes to start with. To help you more do not forget to check our PoE Trading guide. Trading will let you to unlock more powerful items in the game. You can also sell them off to the vendor and get expensive gems or orbs.