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How To Fix PlayStation Error WS-37469-9? (Answered)

Getting the PlayStation error WS-37469-9? This is what you need to know.

The PS4 or PS5 error code ws-37469-9 can be frustrating. It’s that dreaded error that comes up when your Playstation fails to connect to the server. And if you’ve been planning to play games with a friend online, this will bring those plans to a grinding halt. Don’t worry, here’s what you can do to fix this issue from your end.

How to Fix the PlayStation Error ws-37469-9?


ps4 ps5 ws 37469-9 error

  • Turn off your router and wait for 5 minutes. Restart it and check if the error is coming up again.
  • Find out if PSN servers are down at the moment. Sometimes the PlayStation Network faces an outage which causes various services such as PlayStation Now, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Video, Account Management and Gaming to go down.

If servers are down, there’s nothing you can do other than simply wait it out. You will encounter issues while signing into your account, accessing the content in the store, sending a message to a player and more. Some players might be able to play an online match or two, but there’s no guarantee that it will work smoothly throughout the game. Your connection might get interrupted midway as well.


On some occasions, the PSN status could show that the services are up and running but in reality, they are not. DownDetector will come to your rescue if you start wondering whether it’s a widespread issue or it’s just happening to you. To know more, you can head to the comments of DownDetector or find a Reddit thread about it. You will see comments such as “PS4 won’t let me connect to PSN” or “getting a disconnection message” etc that will give you an idea about what’s happening.

psn service status

Usually such problems are fixed by PlayStation pretty quickly, unless it’s a major outage that may take hours to fix. In case you are a frequent player of a certain game, head over to the official Twitter account of the game to see if they have posted anything about this PSN outage. Once things are back on track, head to the status page and you will see that all services are up and running.