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Nioh and Outlast 2 Are November 2019 PlayStation Plus Free Games

PlayStation Plus not only lets you connect to the internet and co-op with your friends and strangers online, but you also get two free games each month from the PlayStation library.

Now, these can be any games ranging from their release date to their popularity, usually, there is a mix of an AAA title and an indie game that can easily be swapped for both games being AAA titles. This month, the free games for PlayStation Plus are Nioh and Outlast 2.


If you are well versed with Nioh, you will already know about the epic swordplay battles in the game as you go up against all sorts of creatures and demons in the game.

If you haven’t checked out this title before, we urge you to do so as it has some of the most wholesome gameplay experiences that you’ll ever experience in a videogame.

Nioh has been well received by the fans and critics alike as both sets are in awe of the historical Japanese references and tiny tidbits in the game.


The second game is Outlast 2 which is best for this spooky season, a true horror game that certainly holds its thrills and surprises for you along the way.

A survival horror game in which you play as Blake Langermann, along with his wife Lynn investing the murder of a pregnant woman. Outlast was so greatly appreciated when released that a sequel was needed and the developers obliged.

Outlast 2 plays mind tricks on you throughout the game and this is where the game makes a name for itself.


Both these games are amazing if you haven’t checked either of these games out then your November is certainly going to be much better.