PlayStation Will Censor PS5 Users on Twitter

Earlier this month, Sony launched the PS5, with a debut that met with tremendous success, so much so that some reports claim the console has sold twice as much as the Xbox Series X|S.

While not everyone can get their hands on the new PlayStation yet, those lucky enough to secure one are discovering its next-generation features. However, several players are reporting in these hours that the PS5 prevents them from publishing posts on Twitter in the event when swear words are detected in the tweet.

According to several players, the PS5 console will not allow the Twitter tweets to go online unless all bad words in the post are removed. However, some have also noted that the built-in profanity of PlayStation 5 filters even prohibited posts that don’t contain profanity at all. An example was given by Twitter user Patrick Beja, who attempted to tweet his positive experience in Astro’s Playroom.

The user shared an online screenshot showing that his tweet did not contain profanity. However, the console is still blocking its tweet from going online, prompting the player to “remove profanity to continue.”

So we just have to wait for more feedback from Twitter users, although censorship is not an exclusive feature of Sony, but is also applied by Nintendo in recent years.

Meanwhile, gamers who couldn’t buy a PlayStation 5 at launch will be disappointed to learn that the new stock is still virtually non-existent. Although several major retailers are offering the console for Black Friday, most of them are already sold out due to high demand.