PlayStation 5 Size, Weight, & Dimensions Confirmed

As you already know, yesterday the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 themed showcase was held, during which Sony not only showed some titles that will soon arrive on the console (including the much-rumored Final Fantasy XVI and the sequel to God of War), but also the release date and the price of the next-gen consoles of the Japanese giant.

But that’s not all, given that the official weight and dimensions of the new PS5 have recently emerged. According to what was reported by the official PlayStation Blog, the “standard” version of PlayStation 5 will be 390mm high, 104mm high, 260mm deep, and will weigh a good 4.5 kg, becoming the largest console in modern gaming history.

With smaller dimensions, but still important, will be used in the PS5 Digital Edition, which will be 390mm high, 92mm high, 260mm deep, and with a final weight of 3.9 kg.

For greater clarity, we report below the official weight and dimensions of the new PlayStation 5:

  • PS5 (Standard Edition): 390 mm x 104 mm x 260 mm (width x height x depth), weight: 4.5 kg.
  • PS5 Digital Edition: 390mm x 92mm x 260mm (width x height x depth), weight: 3.9 kg.

We remind you that the pre-orders of the new generation consoles of the Japanese company will start today and that the two peripherals will officially debut in the rest of the world starting from November 19, 2020, at a price of $499 for PlayStation 5 and $399 for PS5 Digital Edition.