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Update: PlayStation 5 Is Not Releasing This October Confirms Sony

Update: Sony has stated that the leak was due to a miscommunication and that they aren’t releasing the PlayStation 5 this October. The update came when a Sony representative spoke with a Famitsu correspondent.

Sony has been keeping a lot of things about its upcoming console the PlayStation 5 under wraps and a new leak suggests that the console will be ready for launch in the month of October 2020.

This new leak was posted on resetera by user Much, you can check out the entire post right there. It looks like Sony is under the process of hiring someone in the manufacturing department that will help them to ship these consoles easily.

playstation 5 release date leak

The current global pandemic has affected the launch of these consoles and as we all know the consoles won’t be easily available as the previous generation of consoles which could mean that a lot of regions in the world will not be getting the consoles at launch.

Remember to take this news as a pinch of salt due to the uncertainty of such kinds of leaks and while the job application on next.rikunabi.com is real but we could not verify the authenticity of the website.

While Sony has neither denied or agreed to the leak, an email leak about Dirt 5 pointed out similar launch dates for the next-gen consoles. It now remains to be seen just how many consoles will be made available at launch.

With the race for next-gen consoles and Xbox’s next-gen game reveals it still doesn’t look that big of an advancement on the graphical output which will surely be ramped up in the coming years.

However, this has diverted attention at Sony as the company has still kept everything under wraps about what the console looks like, the pricing and other details.

Hopefully, Sony conducts a reveal in June to showcase their next console and we will get a better look at what’s to come in the future.