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How To Play Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK) On PC?

Can Zelda Tears of the Kingdom run on PC? Find out here.

The Legend of Zelda: ToTK has been highly awaited by Nintendo fans (it won the Most Anticipated game at The Game Awards 2022) and so, one of the first things they want to know is whether they can play Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom on PC. The answer is no…and yes.

Can you Play Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom on PC?

Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom run on PC

Officially, you can’t play Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom on PC because this is a Nintendo Switch-exclusive title. But PC players have found a way to run the game via emulators. More specifically, the Ryujinx and Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator which, apparently, can even run TotK in 4K/60fps but for that, you need a high-end system. Those with lower PC specs will struggle to run the game smoothly. It might improve over time, since The Legend of Zelda BOTW is now working on PC via Yuzu emulators, especially after emulation support updates.

Unfortunately, Tears of the Kingdom also leaked prior to its release – a fate that many big titles have had to face in recent times. This led to the game being accessible on PC via the ROM being available online for PC players.

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Should you Play Zelda TotK on PC?

We don’t support piracy and will not be sharing any links for the unofficial PC downloads of the game. For the best possible gameplay, play the game on Nintendo Switch and support the team who has worked hard on the project.

When you emulate a game, the game may remain wonky while playing, causing multiple issues. There can be frame drops, texture loading issues, lag, crashes, black screen, and more which can ruin the experience. If you end up installing the game from unknown sources, there’s a chance of downloading viruses or malware as well. To ensure that the team gets their due, it’s best to purchase the game on the supported platform.

zelda totk run on pc via emulators

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom PC Port Release Date?

Nintendo is known to not release PC ports of their games and Zelda TotK is no different. There is no official announcement or plan for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to be released any time soon. But with the hype that the game has, emulators are expected to have a ‘PC port’ on day one, if the game doesn’t use Denuvo anti-emulation software.

With that said, to keep yourself safe, play on your Nintendo Switch. Once you start playing, check back here for more Zelda Tears of the Kingdom guides, news, and information.