Counter Strike 2: How To Play Short Matches

Here's how to play the short format matches on Counter Strike 2.

While playing CS is exciting at all levels, the over-exceeding time to just complete one match is a bit too much time. CS: GO players are familiar with the 9-round win matches which were popular, dynamic, and much more fun according to all the players. While CS2 isn’t having that shortest-round match, you do get middle ground between the 30-round matches and 16-round matches. This guide will discuss how to play short matches in CS2.

How to Play Short Matches in CS2

Play short matches in cs2

In CS2 you can opt for the MR12 format matches. Sound familiar? Well, it’s similar to the MR15 formats available to the CS: GO and Valorant. It is known as Premier Mode in CS2 Matchmaking. Further, it also includes an overtime haul if the game is tied.

Moving along the MR12 format, in simple words The MR12 format means each half of the match will have 12 rounds, unlike the 15 in CS. Further, the first team to reach 13 rounds wins. That means on-base average, the match may last up to 30 minutes. Give players of the team a short time during to strengthen their strategies and tactics to win the round. This changes the dynamics of the game, making it more competitive and exciting.

CS: GO vs. CS2 Which is longer?

According to a study conducted by Leetify in an interesting turn of events the duration of matches remained almost unchanged. On average, a game in CS2 can last up to 34 minutes, while in CS: GO it can take up to 40 minutes. But the short games in CS: GO typically end in 21 minutes for the 16-round matches.

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