What Is Project Nova Fortnite?

With Project Nova, Fortnite players can once again play the OG Chapter 1 maps. Season after season, Fortnite has brought in numerous changes, updates, events, and more. However, if you are a veteran player, you might be missing the old charm that you would get with the game earlier. Thankfully, there is a new launcher that allows you to play the old maps once again.

There have been so many changes in Fortnite that the essence of the game has gone. So if you have been feeling nostalgic about that, this third-party private server is the best way to get some OG fun. As the saying goes, Old is Gold. Simply follow the steps in this guide and you can play some OG Fortnite Chapter 1 maps.

What is Project Nova?

Project Nova is a third-party Private Server that allows you to play OG Fortnite with your friends. While it is not affiliated with Epic Games or Fortnite, it provides a remarkable experience of playing the golden maps of the old Fortnite.

Since it is based on the first version, there are no changes or updates to the game to maintain the essence of Chapter 1. Weapons such as the bow and arrow, traps, and more mark their way back into the game.

How to Download & Install OG Fortnite with Project Nova

To play OG Fortnite Chapter 1, you will need a Project Nova account and the launcher. Players can get that simply by heading to their Discord Channel. Make your way to the channel and then follow the steps below:

  • Once you join the Nova Discord Channel, create an account by typing #bot-commands /create in the server tab.
How to Play OG Fortnite Chapter 1
Image Source: Project Nova
  • Now, add your email, a username and a password and then your account will be ready.
  • Next, head to the #download tab on the server and then download the VC_redist.x64.exe and the the NovaLauncher.
  • After that, create a folder and then extract the NovaLauncher there.
How to Download & Install Project Nova
Image Source: Project Nova
  • Now, open the NovaLauncher.exe file and in the new window, head to the Downloads section and download Build 7.40
  • After the download is complete, head to the Home page of the Nova Launcher and then Launch Build 7.40.

How to Play OG Fortnite Chapter 1

Now that the Nova Launcher is up and running, you can run Build 7.40 to get into one of the servers. Based on the server you are in, you might find a lot of players or empty maps. A great way to ensure that there will be other players with you is to keep an eye on the community on the Discord Server. You might spot a message of a new server going live which may have more players.

Hopefully, you can get the feel of the OG Fortnite Chapter 1 maps with this guide. Since you are playing Fortnite, do check out our other guides while you are here at Gamer Tweak.