How To Play Local Multiplayer Offline In MW3

MW3 players can play Local Multiplayer Offline before the actual multiplayer goes live. here’s what you need to do.

Although multiplayer gameplay will go live at some point on 9th November 2023, players with early access can play MW3 multiplayer offline. Of course, it will be a local multiplayer on your console and it won’t have as many aspects and gameplay that the online multiplayer brings. Along with that, you are likely to be kicked off after a couple of minutes. However, you can easily get a taste of the maps.

Before we go into the details, a little disclaimer. The method mentioned in the guide might not work for you since most players can’t even download the multiplayer pack. Additionally, we don’t know if Activision will take lightly to players trying this out. So, if you are patient enough, it’s better to wait for the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer to go live.

How to Play MW3 Offline Multiplayer Early

Play Modern Warfare 3 Offline Local Multiplayer
Image Source: Screenshot via Call of Duty (YT)
  • Firstly, players need to start Modern Warfare 3 and start connecting to servers.
  • While you are connecting to servers, back out and you will get the error message of Connection Failed.
  • It’s best if you shut off your internet or remove the Ethernet cable at this point.
  • Now, hit Go Offline and the local multiplayer should load for a little while.

Sadly, this method only works on console platforms and if you have early access on PC, you will only be able to start the Campaign mode.

My personal opinion for players is to leave the offline multiplayer untouched and wait for the online multiplayer to go live. Since Modern Warfare 3 will have an extensive and interesting Campaign like its predecessors, you will have something good to try out during the early access.

That’s all we have from this guide. If you found this guide useful, check out our MW3 Guides section for more while you are here at Gamer Tweak.