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How To Play Multiplayer With Friends In Craftopia

Play with friends and make the game more exciting.

Craftopia is fun to play game, but there aren’t any in-game settings to be able to play multiplayer yet. However, there is an alternate option that can let you play multiplayer with friends in Craftopia. This guide will help you connect with friends in the game using this alternate way.

How to Play Multiplayer With Friends in Craftopia


All the players who want to host or even connect to a multiplayer in Craftopia will need to download and install an external software named LogMeIn Hamachi.

LogMeIn Hamachi is a free to use virtual private network service provider that allows you to create a network of your own and connect with at max four other players. So when you and your friends install Hamachi, five of you can play together.

How to Host Using LogMeIn Hamachi


Once you have installed and got to the menu in Hamachi, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Head to the Network tab displayed on the screen.
  2. Now you get the option to create a new network, click on it.
  3. Name your private network and create a password for it.
  4. Copy the VPN’s IP address from the screen and share it along with the password with your friends.

Now your friends can use the credentials you shared with them to join the network. This will let you play multiplayer with friends in Craftopia.


How to Join a Network Using LogMeIn Hamachi

If someone among your friends has sent credentials for the VPN, you can simply join using them and be a part of the multiplayer. When you have installed Hamachi, click on the join an already existing network option. Then enter the credentials sent by the host and join the game.

That’s how you play multiplayer with friends in Craftopia as of now. Hopefully, the multiplayer server work which is in progress will be completed soon enough, and we all will be able to play co-op multiplayer from within the game itself. You can make the game more interesting by creating a custom character in Craftopia.