How To Create A Custom Character In Craftopia

Character creation in Craftopia allows you to design and create your character, this allows for instant customization in Craftopia

Character creation in Craftopia lets you design your character in this RPG according to what you want it to look like with tons of options. If you’re wondering about how to create your own custom character in Craftopia, you should check out the rest of this guide.

Character Creation In Craftopia Explained

As soon as you start Craftopia, you will be given a few choices in the game as to what you wish to do. If you’re playing Craftopia for the first time, this will show you how you can create your character in the game.

To begin character customization in Craftopia, you will need to begin the game and check out the title page. Here you will see the Craftopia logo and right below it you will find the option which says ‘Single Player’. Click on it and it will take you to the character customization screen.

On this page, you will need to assign a body, you will have the option to choose from a male body or you can opt for a female body for your character, you also get the option of changing the ethnicity of your character.

From there on, move to the next page, and will here you will be able to add in details to your character where you can change features of your face, eye color, eyebrow color, and more.

Moving to the next page will take you to select your hairstyle, while there aren’t many hairstyles to select from you do get to see the popular ones for men and women.

The next page is called Others and here you will get the option to add facial har, it is not available at the moment in Craftopia and will come soon.

Finally, you get to the Type page where you can assign Gender, Ethnicity, and more choose however you wish to design your character and then you can press the Create button at the bottom of your screen to finish.

This is all there is to know, Character Creation in Craftopia is pretty simple and there’s not much that you have to do. If you really to check out something amazing, why not give our feature on the worst games of 2020 a look.

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