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How To Catch And Tame Animals In Craftopia

This is how to capture animals and tame them in Craftopia. Use them to craft batteries easily.

Craftopia is a multiplayer survival action game that is in early access on Steam right now. It has a lot of things packed into it including crafting (of course) , hunting, farming, automation as well as hack and slash. Many players are trying out this game right now and one of the things they are confused about is how to catch animals in Craftopia? Plus, how to tame animals and craft batteries with them? Look no further because we will tell you how to do that right here.

Craftopia: How to Catch Animals and Tame Them


This game is clearly inspired by Pokemon because the mechanic to catch animals in Craftopia is very similar. Here are the steps:

  • First you need to find an animal.
  • Next, you need to bring its health down to under 30% by attacking it.
  • You will know that the health has lowered significantly when you see a pink health bar on the animal.
  • Make sure that the animal doesn’t run off.
  • Now, use the Monster Prism and throw it at the animal. The animal might burst out of it but you can try again to capture it.

That is how to catch animals. Now you must be wondering how to craft a Monster Prism? Read its crafting recipe below.


How to Craft a Monster Prism

This is what you need to craft a Monster Prism:

  • 3 Iron Ingots
  • 2 Sand


With these, you can craft a Monster Prism at a stone workbench. Make a few and use them when you are searching for animals. You will need multiple prisms since animals might break out of them at your first try. After doing this, you will successfully tame animals in Craftopia.

How to Get Batteries in Craftopia


You need to tame animals for a reason and getting batteries is exactly why. You can use these animals in a generator (by throwing the Monster Prism at the generator). This will make the animal appear on the generator wheel. You can craft batteries from them in this manner. Collect them often and soon the animals will die because you drained all of their energy. You might need larger animals later which means you have to upgrade the Prism too.


That’s everything on how to catch animals, how to tame them and collect batteries from their efforts. We will be covering more articles on this game so be sure to stay with Gamer Tweak!