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How To Invite & Play With Friends In The Crew Motorfest

Figuring out a way to play with your friends in the Crew Motorfest? Check out this guide to know how to invite and play with them.

Unable to figure out how to Play with your Friends in Crew Motorfest? Don’t worry, you have just arrived at the right place as we are here to help you through this. But for those who are new to this genre, there’s a lot you must know about this multiplayer racing experience. For starters, you must have created a Ubisoft Connect Account. Why? Keep scrolling down to know why.

How to Play with Friends in The Crew Motorfest

Your friends on Ubisoft Connect will show up in-game if they have purchased this game. If you are connected with them there, then follow these steps to invite them in-game:

  • While on the main menu screen, navigate and enter the Profile section.

How To Invite & Play With Friends In Crew Motorfest

  • After that, select the Crew Management option.
  • Now, click on an empty slot and select the friend you want to play with from the My Friends List.

How To Invite & Play With Friends In Crew Motorfest

  • Click on the username and select Invite into the Crew.
  • You can now easily play with your friends in Crew Motorfest.

Players from your recent matches will show up in the Sessions section. From there, you can select a player and Invite them to your Crew. Moreover, you can also send a Friend Request to them so that they are permanently added to your Friends List.

Crew Motorfest Multiplayer FAQs

Does the Crew Motorfest have Crossplay?

Yes, it has crossplay and works on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox S/X. It also supports Cross-progression, so your saved file will also be carried over to the other platform you are playing on.

How do you invite friends to Crew Motorfest?

To invite friends to Crew Motorfest, you first need to add your companion on the Ubisoft Connect App or Website. After that, they’ll be automatically added to your in-game Friends List.

Can’t Join Friends in the Crew Motorfest

If you are not able to join your friend’s crew, then probably your game is bugged. To get it fixed, try restarting your PC/Console and internet connection. If it still doesn’t fix the issue, then you should contact the Crew Motorfest Support Website.

You can check out our video for a visual aid on how to play with friends:

And now that you know how to play with Friends in Crew Motorfest, we hope you enjoy your time racing. For more such informative content, you can check out our dedicated section for The Crew Motorfest Guides at Gamer Tweak. We will be covering plenty of helpful content for you there.