How To Play Multiplayer On Same Console In NHL Madden 24

Wondering how you can play multiplayer on the same console with your friends in NHL Madden 24? Here’s everything you need.

While Madden 24 has all the game modes that would allow you to connect with other friends online, there is a different feeling to be able to play on the same console. If you are looking to play 2 player Madden 24 on same console, it can be set up pretty easily. Since the game is not clear about the setup, players might not know which game modes they should try out together.

Madden 24 on Couch Coop multiplayer hits differently since you can play with your favorite teams and players against your friends. It could be called the ultimate bragging rights. Luckily, all of it is easy to set up and we will explain right below.

How to Play 2 Player Madden 24 on Same Console

How To Play Multiplayer On Same Console In NHL Madden 24
  • Once you connect and setup both controllers to your Xbox or PS, launch Madden 24 on your console.
  • To play Madden 24 multiplayer couch coop, head to Quick Play.
  • Next, select Play Now and then head to Custom Game.
  • After that, select your sides and you and your friend can select the teams that you would want to play with.
  • That’s how easy it is to play 2 Player Madden 24 on same console.

Additionally, players can have a couch coop of up to four players. So you can play more than just 2 players if you have the required number of controllers to connect to your console.

The Madden 24 multiplayer Couch Coop is one of the best ways to connect and play the game with your friends. While online multiplayer is also available, there is none better than the feeling that couch coop gives.

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