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How To Raise Planetary Habitation Level In Starfield

Planetary Habitation is a must-have skill for any aspiring explorer in Starfield, and we'll show you how to level it up quickly.

As any aspiring explorer in Starfield knows, finding valuable resources like aluminum or cobalt is the first step toward building an interstellar empire. To truly profit from these discoveries and establish a reliable mining operation, you’ll need to set up an outpost – and that requires gaining levels in the Planetary Habitation skill. We’ll explain how to level up Planetary Habitation in Starfield quickly.

All Ranks of Planetary Habitation in Starfield

How To Raise Planetary Habitation Level In Starfield

Planetary Habitation is one of the most useful skills in the Science skill tree. It will be invaluable for players who enjoy base-building and colonization activities. This skill rewards the resources harvested from habitats you construct on planets and moons. With each rank, you can build outposts with extreme conditions.

Rank 1: Extreme Temperature Outposts

You gain the ability to establish outposts on planets with extreme temperatures, both Deep Freeze and Inferno. Additionally, this rank raises your ability to construct a maximum of 4 outposts. It is unlocked by achieving 12 points in tier 1-3 Science skills.

Rank 2: High-Pressure Outposts

You can construct outposts on planets with extreme pressure conditions. Your maximum number of outposts will increase by eight at this tier. You can unlock it by completing the challenge of building habitable outposts on three planets.

Rank 3: Toxic Atmosphere Outposts

You gain the capability to establish outposts on toxic or corrosive planets. Additionally, you can construct 12 more outposts with this rating. You can unlock this rank by completing the challenge to build habitable outposts on five planets.

Rank 4: High-Gravity Outposts

With this rank, outposts can be constructed on planets with tremendous gravity. You can have 16 more outposts at once. It is unlocked by Finishing the task of building habitations on ten planets.

Whether you want to specialize in mining operations, farming colonies, or industrial outposts, maxing out Planetary Habitation should be a high priority for any base-builder in Starfield.

This is everything you need to know about the Planetary Habitation levels in Starfield. You can also check out Starfield guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.