How To Get 100% Planet Surveys In Starfield

Want to earn rewards by completing 100% of the planet surveys in Starfield? Here's a guide to finding the latest fauna, flora, and more.

Completing planet surveys is an important way to earn rewards as you explore unknown universes. However, sometimes it can be challenging to reach that all-important 100% completion, especially if you’re missing just one last fauna species in Starfield. We’ll explain how to get 100% planet surveys in Starfield.

Find the Last Fauna, Flora, Resources and More in Starfield

Starfield Kreet Fauna Location

Surveying planets is an important part of your exploration in Starfield. Completing a 100% survey of a planet unlocks rewards and helps you better understand worlds. Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving a full survey:

  • Resources: Like minerals, they will glow blue until scanned. Scan each glowing resource you find using your hand scanner to identify it. Once all resources are identified, this portion is complete.
  • Floras: They may take multiple scans to survey fully. Scan flora species until your scanner says the biome is complete. If some remain unscanned, try different biomes by checking your starmap. You need to fully scan all species across biomes.
  • Faunas: Like flora, fauna need repeated scans. Check your scanner and starmap to find the remaining species if your current biome shows as complete. Fully survey all animal life, especially with upgrading the Zoology skills.
  • Planet Traits: They will be indicated on your starmap. Use your scanner while exploring natural points of interest like geological formations to discover traits like asteroid impacts or root systems. You can fully survey with unlocked Astrophysics skills.

What are the Rewards of 100% Planet Surveys in Starfield?

While there is no single big reward just for obtaining a 100% planet survey, you can benefit in a few ways. Completing surveys as part of Constellation missions will reward you with credits and XPs. You can also sell the survey data you’ve collected to earn credits.

Once you’ve mapped out an entire planet, you’ll be given a Survey Slate. These slates can be sold to vendors at shops in settlements or directly to Vladimir Saal aboard The Eye.

That’s all you need to know about changing the brightness in Starfield. For more such informative content, be sure to take a look at our Starfield Wiki Guide.