How Does The Pity System Work In Honkai Star Rail

When you spend a lot trying to get a rare character and don't seem to get it, that's when the Pity system comes into play. Here is the full explanation of it.

Honkai: Star Rail has a Pity System that makes sure you get a good rare character if you play and spend a lot. Just like in the previous Hoyoverse title Genshin Impact, you cant directly buy new characters in the game. You have to roll for a chance to get them from a pool of items. This means there is a possibility you won’t get it. However, this is where the Pity System comes into play. In this guide, everything about the Pity System will be explained for the gacha mechanics of this game.

How does Pity System work in Honkai Star Rail? (Explained)

honkai star featured character warp pity system

The Pity System in Honkai: Star Rail is in place to make sure you get fair rewards. Each Warp Banner in the game has a slim chance of giving you a 4 or 5 Star character. This means that it is possible you never hit those odds. Fortunately, this is what the Pity System prevents by checking how much you have spent on the game or time played.

However, it works differently based on different Warp Banners. While some have a 50-50 system, others have a soft and hard pity system. Here is an explanation of how the Pity system in Honkai: Star Rail works:

  • Character Event Banner: For this one, there is a 50-50 system. In this, there is a 50% chance you will get the featured 5 Star character on that banner. If you pull a 5 Star character that is not the featured character, the next 5 Star character you pull will be the featured character.
  • Light Cone Event Banner: This works the same as Character Event Warp. The only exception is that you have a 75% chance to get the featured Light Cone.
  • Stellar Warp/Non-event Banner: The regular warps do not follow the same pity system in Honkai: Star Rail, instead it has soft pity and hard pity.

What is Soft Pity and Hard Pity?

  • Hard pity refers to a hard cut-off. Once you reach this cut-off, you are guaranteed to pull a 5 Star Character or Light Cone. The hard pity is set at 90 pulls for Stellar Wrap.
  • Soft pity is when the probability of getting the featured item starts increasing until you reach the Hard pity cut-off. This starts around 60-70 pulls in.

This system allows you to have a gradually increasing chance to get the item you want as you keep opening warps.

Pity System carry over

There is a carry-over system within the Pity system. So yes, if you are pulling from the Character Event Banner and then start pulling from the Light Cone Banner, the pulls on the previous one count towards it.

That is how the Pity System works in Honkai: Star Rail. However, once you start pulling from wraps, you might want to know some important things. Like which are the best characters to have according to our Honkai Star Rail character tier list and how to reroll in Honkai Star Rail for better characters.