Tips on How to Complete Clean the debris off the rooftop Quest in Genshin Impact?

Stuck with clean the debris on the roof mission then read this guide on how to complete the same.

Genshin Impact Windblume Festival has some interesting quests and missions. Some are tricky to understand but extremely easy to complete. One of them is Clear the Piles of Floral Debris Off the Rooftop. In this quest, you have to climb up some buildings and clear the piles of leaves. It is marked on the map you can find it easily just throwing them away will end the mission. Read this guide on how to finish this quest by clearing up the debris from hard-to-reach places.

How to clean the debris off the rooftop?

Windblume Festival consists of different acts. Each of these acts has many mini-missions.  Act 1: Ode to Flower and Cloud is one you will be following during the starting of the festival. Go to Mondstadt where you will begin with the festival. Ode to Flower and Cloud is the first act where you will talk to the Floral girl who will give you detail on what is Windblume Festival.

Later you will unlock more quests and “Clear the Piles of Floral Debris Off the Rooftop” is one of them.  There are four objectives in this mission. They are

Tips to complete Those Hard-to-Reach places Missions:

  • Clean 3 debris off the rooftop
  • Clean 4 debris off the rooftop
  • Clean 3 mess off the city walls
  • Search for the kitty

Once the mission begins you will see the objective marker. Follow the same to reach the rooftop, you can climb up. Do not return to the ground, you have to first clear three debris, then 4, and then three.

Genshin Impact: Clear Piles of Leaves on Rooftop

It is a simple quest you just have to follow the yellow circle and make sure you stay on the roof. It is a lot easier to find the debris. Keep following the map until you reach the city walls. It is the final part of the quest. After cleaning Those Hard-to-Reach places Missions you will have to find a kitty. She is not far, stay on the walls and move towards the right from the last location.

Return to Aramis for the final talk and the mission is over. Want to know more about the Windblume festival then refer to this link.