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Phil Spencer Says Xbox Series X Is A “Really Quiet Console”, Praises PS5’s Design

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer spoke about the noise level of the Xbox Series X. As it is said, the company’s developers wanted to put a console into the race that was as quiet as possible. In operation, the volume of the Xbox Series X is comparable to that of the Xbox One X.

This guarantees that the noises from the console or fan do not have a negative impact on your gaming experience. According to his own information, Spencer already owns an Xbox Series X, which will be launched at the end of the year.


“On both the GPU and CPU side, these consoles are powerful computers essentially. I wanted a large fan that we could spin a little more slowly so that we’re not making noise. I wanted to make a really quiet console. I love what we had done with the Xbox One X and the quietness of the console is something we focused on,” said Phil Spencer on the recent episode of Animal Talking on Twitch.

“We built a form followed function design for our console so that we could draw a lot of air with a big fan spinning a little bit slower, so we didn’t get those high-pitched, whining sounds that a console can normally make,” said Spencer. “When I put the Series X in place of my One X, there was no more noise than what I saw with the One X and a lot more power. You literally just plug it in, right in place and get such a big upgrade. All my games are working and it sounds just like my Xbox One X did, with a lot more power.”

With a look at the PS5 design, which Spencer claims to be a great console, he added: “The PS5 is running at higher clocks, so they’re running their box differently than we are, so it creates different design challenges, which is true of both consoles. They took an approach that’s different, but I’m sure they had similar design goals for themselves around what it means to run and how it sounds.”


While the Xbox Series X was confirmed this week for a launch in November 2020, Sony Interactive Entertainment is still holding back with solid information about the launch of the PS5. The prices at which the two next-generation consoles are to be offered is also not yet known.