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How To Find Fronded Petal Cap In New World? (All Locations)

Read this guide to learn how to get your hands on the very important Petal Cap in New World.

The Petal Cap is an important resource that is part of the Weakness of the Ego quest in New World. You will need this item in order to successfully complete the quest. This makes finding it both essential as well as tricky. It looks like a circular spray of leaves growing from a thick stalk. If you are one of the many players who has been finding acquiring the cap difficult, worry not. In this guide, we will show you all of the locations for the Petalcap, as well as how you can get it.

New World: Where To Find Fronded Petal Cap?

fronded petalcap new world

The first place you should look out for Petal Caps are woodlands and forested areas in New World. Try avoiding the more common locations for ingredients, like bushes. However, there are a few specific locations you can go to in order to acquire this resource.

Cooper’s Ranch

If you are looking for a location that can offer you the ability to find and craft large amounts of the Fronded Petal Ranch, you should head over to Cooper’s Ranch. Once here, you should go towards the forested areas that surround this ranch. This place is located towards the northwest direction of Windsward Village.

Here, you will be able to find several different Petal Cap plants. You can harvest these plants. Now, let us check out another location you can use to acquire the Fronded Petalcaps.

Windsward Village

fronded petal cap windsward location

This particular location is close to Cooper’s Ranch. Here, head towards a small pond. If you wish to, you can also learn how to fish at this very pond. You need to do so because Fronded Petalcaps are known to be found near water bodies. If you wish to only acquire small quantities of caps, this is a great location. You will most likely find 1 – 2 Petal Caps here.

These are the locations where you will be able to find the highly-coveted Petal Cap. As you can see, this is an important resource for the Weakness of the Ego quest. To complete the said quest, you will need 3 of these resources. While you may initially find the whole process tricky, you will eventually get the gist of it. Depending on the quantity of the resource you need, you can choose to go to the Ranch or Windsward.

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