Coin Master: What Is The Best Pet To Use?

What is the best pet to use in Coin Master? Here's your answer.

Players like to go above and beyond when it comes to Coin Master. However, sometimes, you almost make it but somehow miss the mark. That’s where the pets come in for your assistance. If you are confused about the best pet to use in Coin Master, our guide is just the answer you were looking for. We have covered in detail about all the pets in the game. You can skim through this guide and select the best pet in Coin Master as per your gameplay. Check out this guide to know more.

Best Pet to Use in Coin Master

There are three pets you get to unlock and use in the game. These pets are Foxy, Tiger, and Rhino. Each of these pets have their own abilities to offer to the players.

Foxy in Coin Master

best pet to use in Coin Master

Foxy is the first pet that players can unlock in the game. You simply have to reach village 4 to hatch its egg. Foxy has the ability to dig up one marked spot in raids. With the help of Foxy, your chance to get a perfect raid increases. Even if you get no coins in one of the spot, Foxy will dig up the remaining spot and get you the loot.

Apart from that, Foxy also helps you increase the amount of total rewards in a raid. The more you upgrade its level, the more coins you shall get in raids. Hence, Foxy is a contender of the best pet to use in Coin Master.

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Tiger in Coin Master

Best Pet to Use in Coin Master

Tiger is second on the list of pets in the game. You have to complete the Beasts card collection in order to hatch its egg. Tiger’s ability helps you gain more coins during attacks. It offers bonus coins every time you land of three hammers on the wheel, except when it is hungry. So, in case your attack was blocked by a shield, you still have a chance to get more loot than usual.

Rhino in Coin Master

Best Pet to use In Coin Master

Rhino is the last pet on the list and is a village-saving pet. Rhino’s ability is that it offers you a certain chance to deflect the incoming attack on your village. Upon selecting Rhino, it will jump and absorb the attack.

Rhino comes in handy when your shield inventory is empty and you have no other way of defending your village.

Also, remember that you must feed your selected pets at regular intervals. If you don’t, they won’t be able to help you. Pets won’t grant players with their buffs if they are hungry.

Now you know all about the best pet to use in Coin Master. If you found this guide helpful, check out more such guides on Coin Master right here on Gamer Tweak.