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How To Pet Dogs In Diablo 4

I see dog, I pet. Here is a quick guide on how to pet dogs in Diablo 4.

Years of waiting for a new Diablo game are nearing its end. Diablo 4 is all set for a 6th June release date. To build up to the release and show fans what they’ve been working on, Blizzard has launched the game in open beta. Players can hop online and test out all the game has to offer. Many fans were surprised to see that dogs have been added to the world of Sanctuary. But the more important question is can you pet the dogs in Diablo 4?

Can you pet dogs in Diablo 4?

how to pet the dogs in diablo 4

Yes! You can pet any of the dogs you meet in Diablo 4. Every new sequel should build on its predecessor, and add something special to the formula and Diablo 4 is no different. The open beta gives players a look at all the new improvements the game has made. Many were expecting some drastic changes after the mixed reviews of Diablo 3 but this new direction seemed to take everyone by surprise. One of these surprises is the addition of dogs to the world of Diablo. These dogs can be found roaming the streets of the various cities you can find in the game.

Walk up to a dog you spot, open your Action Wheel by pressing E on your Keyboard, and select the Hello emote. This should make your character bend and pet the dog you just meet. For a game as hard and unforgiving as Diablo 4, it’s nice that the developers at Bizzard put in the time to add dogs to the game. Dogs in the game have the rare distinction of being the only animal you can pet. After a few pets, they’ll start to follow you around for a bit. But don’t leave the city if a dog is still at your heed. They can be permanently killed by any monsters you come across. So now that you know that petting dogs are possible in the game, it is your duty to find and pet all the dogs you can in Diablo 4.

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