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Lost Ark Pest Control Quest Guide – How To Start & Play?

Read this guide to learn how to start and play the Lost Ark Pest Control quest.

The Pest Control quest in Lost Ark forms part of the several playable quests you will come across in this game. The event requires you to eliminate pests like the Red Shark Pirates and Captain Lorka among others in The Den. The quest is part of the Daily Quests available in Lost Ark, and completing it can give you some exciting rewards. If you have, however, been finding it tricky to understand how to start and complete the quest, fret not. This guide will explain all you need to know about the Pest Control Quest in Lost Ark.

How to Start & Do Pest Control Quest in Lost Ark?



To start the Pest Control quest in Lost Ark, you first need to go to the Daily Challenges menu. Once here, click on Pest Control. Upon accepting the quest, head over to the nearest dock and then click on the compass located in the bottom right of your screen.

Once you do so, press the ALT button and the left button on your mouse simultaneously. Doing so will allow you to travel to the location of the quest. If you arrive at the location and find that the event is not going on, you need not worry. The Pest Control quest keeps refreshing every 15 minutes, so the maximum you might have to wait is just 15 minutes.


Once the event does begin, you will be given a quest called Watch Out! Pirates! You can start this quest by going to the shore and looking for the boss. Upon attacking and successfully defeating him, you need to move slightly to your left and kill all of the pirates you come across.

Upon killing these pirates, you can head into the shed to submit the quest to Blackfang. And that’s about it. Following the steps in this guide will see you begin and successfully complete the Pest Control quest. As you can see, doing so is quite easy and it should not consume a lot of your time.



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