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List Of All The Personalities In Miitopia

Decide how your character will behave in Miitopia by using this Personalities Guide.

Just like in real life, Miitopia will allow you to give personalities to your characters that they will act according to that. Each character has the best-suited personality that will help you get the maximum advantage out of your characters. Recruiting the wrong personalities however will make your characters act up and mess with their abilities. So you need to be very cautious as to what personalities you assign to your characters. So to give you some insight on what each of the personalities does, we have here a Miitopia Personalities guide that you can refer to while choosing the right personality for the right job.


Miitopia Personalities Guide

Here is the list of personalities and their quirks that your character can take in Miitopia:


1. Cool Personality in Miitopia

  • Pressure Point – Damage inflicted increases 1.5 times more with a normal physical attack.
  • Indifference – Immunity to status ailments.
  • Shan’t – Does not cover for a teammate.
  • Avoid – Dodges the normal physical attacks of the enemy.

2. Energetic

  • Cheer – Recovers the MP of a teammate that is running on low MP. This quirk can only be used one time in a battle.
  • Hang On -The ability to survive with 1 HP when your character is taking fatal damage.
  • Charge – Physical attack damage is increased 1.5 times on the enemy, and 2 damage is inflicted on self.

3. Stubborn Personality in Miitopia

  • Patience – Damage of normal physical attacks is reduced in half.
  • Bluff – Refuses to take help from a teammate occasionally.
  • Again – Repeats the same action two times.

4. Kind

  • Cover– Cover will protect your teammates by absorbing the damage.
  • Donate -Gives its recovery items to the teammates that do not have any.
  • Spare – When the enemy HP is less than half, the players can dodge the attack and kill them. This does not include boss fights. It can however fail.

5. Laid-back Personality in Miitopia

  • Hide – Let your teammates take the damage on your behalf.
  • Cadge – Takes food from a teammate if they have exhausted their food.
  • Get Serious – Increased damage but same MP consumption for the skill.
  • Nah… – Gives immunity to emotion-based status ailments.
  • Slack Off – The MP usage of skill is reduced to half the amount, but the effect is reduced too.

6. Cautious

  • Finisher – Kills an enemy that has low HP.
  • Prepped and Ready – Retrieves recovery items when HP banana or MP candy is absent. Can be used one time.
  • Warm Up – The effect of HP recovery skills or physical attacks is doubled.

7. Airheaded Personality in  Miitopia

  • Frolic – Enemies’ actions are blocked for one turn. Does not work for the boss.
  • Sleepyhead – Players will fall asleep when HP will fall down than half.
  • Oops! – Deals 2.5 times more damage. Physically attacks enemies, even the ones that it is not aiming for.

So that is all for our guide on the personalities in Miitopia. If you would like to know the Miitopia Job Tier List, we have an article on that too for you to check out.