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Job Tier List In Miitopia

Here is a list of all the jobs that are available to choose from in Miitopia.

Miitopia allows players to roleplay a variety of jobs as a hero. Not just that, there are jobs that you can assign to your teammates as well. With each job class having its own unique ability and skill, you would want to know what jobs suit your personality. There are 14 jobs in total throughout the course of the game that you can unlock. Out of these, up to 10 can be chosen at once and 2 jobs are hidden that will be available post-game. So here, we have brought together the jobs tier list in Miitopia that will help you choose the right job in the game.


Miitpopia Jobs Tier List Ranked from Best to Worse

The jobs in Miitopia initially only have the option of the default 6 jobs. You will unlock more as and when you start clearing more levels. After every area that you complete, the Dark Lord will seal away your job powers and the players will have to choose a new job for themselves. The third time the Dark Lord tries to seal your powers, you will develop immunity and will be able to retain your job. Your teammates however will retain their jobs, it is just the hero job that is taken away. So initially, you cannot change jobs in Miitopia, you will have to advance in the game to actually do so. Below is the list of the jobs ranks from best to worse in Miitopia:

  1. Warrior (Default job available in the game)
  2. Cat (Job available after finishing Greenhorne)
  3. Elf (Secret Jobs Available in Miitopia)
  4. Thief (Default job available in the game)
  5. Mage (Default job available in the game)
  6. Scientist (Job available after finishing Greenhorne)
  7. Cleric (Default job available in the game)
  8. Chef (Default job available in the game)
  9. Imp (Job available after finishing Greenhorne)
  10. Vampire (Secret Jobs Available in Miitopia)
  11. Flower (Job available after finishing Neksdor)
  12. Pop Star (Default job available in the game)
  13. Princess (Job available after finishing Neksdor)
  14. Tank (Job available after finishing Neksdor)


First on the Miitopia Job Tier List is Warrior. Warrior is a single target attack class that is the perfect combination of a playstyle that needs both attack and defense as strategies equally. This class has the highest HP and attack power among all the classes and is the one that you can fall back on in the game. With the Everyone’s Shield skill, this job will save your team from taking any damage along with himself. The cool personality is recommended to complete the gameplay and the energetic personality post the main story is complete.


The cat has a single attack type and deals with some of the highest damage in the game as and when you level up. For example, on level 32, you unlock the skill of Feline Frenzy that will deal with the highest damage in the game given it is an all-target attack. The cat job combined with a cool personality will help you breeze through the game and deal some serious damage. Cat is the best job that you can choose for if you have an aggressive gameplay and go all in with your attacks.



Elf is a single target attack type that is hidden and only available after you have completed the main game. Though tricky to get, Elf will be an amazing hero to have due to its abilities of healing its team mates and raising barriers. The Elf can attack a group of enemies at once due to its Hail of Arrows skill. This is the class that you should pick after you progress considerably in the game with a cool or an energetic personality.


Thief is a multiple-target attack job that will steal grubs from the enemies. not just that, he also has the Horse whispering skills that increase the number of grubs stolen by him from the enemies. It is recommended with a kind personality and the thief will basically attack all your enemies for free. This is a default job that is available to the players and is great to start the game off with until you unlock better character jobs.



Mage is one of the default characters that will be provided to you early on in the game. This Single targe attack job class is perfect for starting out the game in the initial stages. with a cool or a laid-back personality, players will have it easier to start with mage and switch their character when they reach the later stages in the game.


The scientist is a single target class that is known for its quick attacks. This job is another blend of attack and defense in the right proportion for players that prefer both in their gameplay. With a cool or a laid-back personality, the scientist will protect your team from any kind of status ailments. This is the character that you will want to stick to or pick later in the game.



Cleric, with the ability to heal and revive its teammates, is a single target attack type that recovers HP and status conditions. Having a cool personality combined with the job, they may be low with defense. They however are great for the players who have advanced mid-way in the game and proceed with this class.


Chef is a supporting character in the game that can do both, heal and deal damage. They do not have any specialization but they can obtain food while recovering along with attacking. Chef can be used with a cool personality that will allow him to use the Pressure Point attack skill. This job is recommended to have in the early stages of the game and switch to other jobs later on as you progress.


Imp is a single damage attack-type job with magical skills. With the magic-using jobs, the Imp has the highest HP and defense skills. This class can leech the HP and MPs of the enemies which comes in pretty hand in the game. Start off with a cool personality and the switch to energetic when you proceed in the game. Use this job throughout the game once you unlock it.


Vampire s a hidden job that you unlock at the last stages of the hame. Once unlocked though, this multiple target attack type has status stealing skills and elemental attacks at its disposal. This job has higher stats than most of the jobs but is prone to attacks more than the other characters. The recommended personality for this class is Energetic.


Flowe is a multiple target attack type and is recommended for players that have defensive gameplay. This job has the ability to soak up damage induced by the enemies for your whole team. They are can also take more hits that the rest of the team and can prove to be a better support character. They work best with an energetic personality.

Pop Star

Popstar is a multiple-hit attack-type job that has healing and buffing as its main abilities. Again, is more of a support character which will work best with a cool personality. It is responsible to increase the overall performance of your entire team and is better as a teammate than a hero.


Princess is a single target attack type that is suitable as a support job rather than the main hero. With healing and restoring the team from the status ailments of enemies, this job is better off with a cool p[ersonality. They are usually more concentrated on debuffing the enemies.


Last on the Miitopia Job Tier List is Tank. Tank is a single target attack type that is suitable for players who have defensive gameplay. They are however known to be reckless and will act late making them vulnerable to the team. They are more suited with a cautious personality but consume MP for skills as well as normal attacks.

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