Persona 5 Tactica: How To Complete Quest One

Here’s how to clear the Legionnaires in two turns in P5T’s first quest.

The first quest you come across in P5T is called Quietly Storming the Castle. This is where you get access to Ann’s skills in your Party and have to clear all enemies (Legionnaires) in two turns to earn bonus GP. It can get tricky if you don’t use certain powers at the right time, and so, to help you out, we’ve created this quick guide on how to complete quest one in Persona 5 Tactica.

As you must’ve seen in your previous attempts, more Legionnaires appear after you complete the first turn, so be prepared to use your skills with that in mind.

How to Complete Quest One Persona 5 Tactica

how to quietly storm the castle p5t
image source: FP Good Game on Youtube

Here are the things to keep in mind to clear the Quietly Storming the Castle quest one in P5T:

  • Go to your Party’s skills beforehand and include skills that cause area damage from the Skill tree. Then, use multi-target attacks to damage more enemies at once during the quest.
  • Make the most of One Mores and Charged attacks.
  • Use Triple Threat attacks to clear groups.
  • Use Morgana’s sweep skills to remove enemies from cover and save your turns.

In my gameplay, I used Ann, Morgana, and Erina but you can use Joker instead of Morgana or Erina. I also made sure to upgrade my weapons beforehand, so that I could deal more damage with every Gun attack.

check movement and firing range persona 5 tactica
image source: FP Good Game on Youtube

You can check the firing and movement range before progressing, so you can plan your next moves better.

So, the way to finish Quest One in P5T in two turns is to use your Personas to break enemy cover, use your Gun attack to deal damage along with One Mores, and then use Triple Threat (AoE attack) to clear all their HP. Similarly, follow this format for the second group of Legionnaires, and you should be able to quietly storm the castle easily.

You can also use the tactic to end a turn so that your characters unleash charged attacks on their next turns. Use it wisely, and ensure your characters are protected behind cover when you end a turn.

What are One Mores?

one mores to finish quest one persona 5 tactica
image source: FP Good Game on Youtube

When you down an enemy, you get one more chance to attack. Damage an enemy when they are out of cover and once you do this, you can use the ‘One More’ turn to deal additional damage. To trigger a One More, you can use your Skills or use a Melee Attack.

So, these are all the things to consider while trying to complete the quest one in P5T. There’s no ‘fixed’ way to go about this challenge – the strategy can differ too! Here’s a video by FP Good Game on Youtube that you can try out to finish this quest.

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