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Persona 5 Strikers Forgotten Desire Location

Find the Forgotten Desire locations in Persona 5 Strikers

Progressing through the stages you will be tasked with completing various tasks and sidequests. Mona gives you certain kinds of quests that ask you to go and retrieve Forgotten Desires. In these side quests, you will be tasked with visiting previous Jails to complete specific tasks and collect specific items. There are 8 Forgotten Desires in total. This guide tells you everything that you need to know about the Forgotten Desire Locations in Persona 5 Strikers.

Where are the Forgotten Desire Locations In P5S

Find Forgotten Desire locations in Persona 5
Mona gives you Forgotten Desire side quests.

There are eight Forgotten Desires in the game. Mona gives you these quests as well as the locations of these Forgotten Desires. However, Mona ‘forgets’ to give specific instructions as to where the Desires are located (sorry, not sorry). In this guide, we have compiled the 8 locations to tell you where to find them as well as the dates when you will receive them.

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Forgotten Desire 1 – Trapped in a Wonderland

You will receive the request for this on the 8th of August. You will have to visit the Underground Waterway in Shibuya Jail. Go to the Southernmost drain point and you will find it hovering about.

Forgotten Desire 2 – Trapped in a Nightmare


The request for this comes on the 11th of August. For this, you have to visit Sendai Jail. Go to the Hirose St. checkpoint and jump up the building directly in front. Move over the invisible platforms and you will spot it on a lower platform.

Forgotten Desire 3 – Trapped in a Frozen Hell

You will come across the request for this Desire on 17th August. You will have to go to the Arboretum checkpoint and go through the chapel. The Desire is there in the open.

Forgotten Desire 4 – Trapped in Ruins


You will receive the request for this on 23rd August. Go to the Okinawa Jail and head to the North Laboratory checkpoint with the help of the crane. Look below and you will spot the Forgotten Desire.

Forgotten Desire 5 – Trapped in Shine Gates

You will receive a request on 24 August. Visit the Kyoto Jail and go to the Inari Taisha checkpoint. You will find the Forgotten Desire as you move past the Fox Couple statue.

Forgotten Desire 6 – Trapped in Dystopia

You will get the request on 28 August. In Osaka Jail go to the Shipping Railway area. Use your Phantom Vision to see the various climbing points that you can Phantom Dash up to get to the Desire.

Forgotten Desire 7 – Trapped in the Abyss

You will get the request for this on 30 August. When in the Jail of the Abyss go to the Depths of the Abyss Lower Stratum Checkpoint. Climb directly onto the platform ahead and you will find the Desire.

Forgotten Desire 8- Trapped in the Great Tree

You will receive the request for this on the 30th of August itself. You have to visit the Tree of Knowledge. On the fifth floor of the Path of Surrender, you will be able to find the Final Desire. It is on a ledge next to a treasure chest.

This is all you need to know about the locations of Forgotten Desires in Persona 5 Strikers. While you are here, also have a look at How to get Money or How to change Party Members.