How To Beat False God Demiurge In Persona 5 Strikers (Boss Fight Tips)

Here are some boss fight tips to defeat the final boss, False God Demiurge, in Persona 5 Strikers.

The Final boss of P5S is the False God Demiurge and beating her is no easy task. You must know what are her weaknesses, strengths and attack patterns. Moreover, there are two forms or phases of this boss that you will come across. So if you are looking for some tips, tricks and strategies to take her down, this boss fight guide will show you the way.

How to Defeat False God Demiurge in Persona 5 Strikers (P5S)

To beat the final boss of P5S, False God Demiurge, you have to complete both phases of the boss fight. Doing this will help you unlock the post game. Remember that you have to bring all members to the best ability, weapons and armor levels because you will need it for this one, she’s the final boss after all.

Demiurge Boss Fight Phase One

During the first phase, you must ensure that you drain her health as much as possible. Meanwhile, you should have plenty of HP and SP recovery items with you beforehand. You will be subjected to laser beams of various kinds and projectiles that deal damage. She will also trap your party members with her wings and then unleash arrows. You can ensure that you get a lot of strikes in whenever possible and move away when you get the chance. Whenever you see the beams, make sure to dodge them or move between the beams and move back in when they are over. Upon knowing that the platform is about to get nuked, you have to get to another area quickly.

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Do note that the boss is weak to Curse and Bless but its strengths are Wind, Fire, Ice, Elec, Psy and Nuke. Don’t forget to use Debuffs such as Debilitate and Heat Riser. Moreover, elemental attacks can successfully weaken and stagger the Demiurge boss.

How to Defeat False God Demiurge in Persona 5 Strikers

False God Demiurge Boss Fight Phase Two

Once you drain her health, you will see the transformation to the second phase of the Demiurge Boss Fight. This phase is much tougher and the boss will deal heavy Fire, Ice, Wind, Elec, Bless and Curse damage. You must run and avoid these attacks, jump when there are shockwaves involved. The False God Demiurge will use her Scepter to attack the ground and also lunging and swipe with it so you must dodge/jump over it it quickly.

Soon you will have to split up the Phantom Thieves and turn them into 3 groups. This is because you need three teams to deal with orbs and these are the orbs that keep the boss alive. These three teams will be on three different platforms. Use all-out attacks to damage orbs. For the first platform, consider Morgana, Makoto and Ann and for the second, you can have Haru and Ryuji. For the third one, you can take Joker, Sophia as well as Zenkichi.

If all of this is a bit too confusing, here’s a boss fight guide by Youtuber BuffMaister that will give you some additional help:

Overall, these were the things you need to keep in mind while fighting the False God Demiurge and eventually beat her. It’s going to be a long and tough fight with a LOT happening. Try various things and lower the difficulty if things get way too hard with this final boss. Soon after, you will be able to unlock New Game Plus and the Risky/Merciless difficulty as well.