How To Use Slipstream in Need For Speed Heat

Slipstream is a technique where you use the car in front of you to cut down on the air resistance factor and cut some distance between you two. Slipstream is a real concept used by races in all formats and this guide will show you how to use Slipstream in Need For Speed Heat.

How To Use Slipstream in Need For Speed Heat

The best thing about this is the fact that you do not have to remember any button configuration to make use of slipstream, rather this is a question about cutting down on the air resistance and using your car’s momentum to go ahead of your opponents.

The cars ahead of you will create a pull of air and if you manage to position your car just behind it you can get a boost of sorts without needing to use your NO2 gas.

The best time to use this technique is during the start of each race, as you will mostly find yourself at the back of the lineup, use the cars ahead of you to cut down on the air resistance and zoom past them.

As the cars ahead reach more than a speed of 50 mph, this slipstream will start to kick in.

You may have felt it in real life as well if anything heavy has moved right beside you at a speed which brings in a ton of air behind it.

This air, in particular, is the slipstream, make sure that you have your back covered as race opponents and cops too will use this to close in on you.

So if you are in the lead, try to gain as much distance as you can or else the entire pack will be hard on your tail.

This is all there is to know about how to use slipstream in Need For Speed Heat.

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