How To Defeat Pensieve Protector In Hogwarts Legacy?

Check out this guide that features some Tips & Tricks to beat Pensieve Guardian Boss Fight in Hogwarts Legacy.

After defeating dozens of Goblins, you finally encounter Pensieve Protectors in Percival Rackham’s Trial quest. In addition, they have an effective backup as there are Pensieve Sentinels causing distraction. These armored mini-bosses are warm up enemies before you face the ultimate boss, Pensieve Guardian. So, you have to go through multiple Pensieve Protectors and Sentinels before moving on to the next waypoint. If you are unable to get past them, then this guide is all you need. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you defeat the Pensieve Protector easily in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Beat Pensieve Protector in Hogwarts Legacy? (Tips and Tricks)

According to me, the wisest strategies are planned after analyzing the fighting pattern of an enemy. Likewise, we can analyze the happenings on the battlefield while fighting against the Pensieve Protector.

It is recommended that you clear out the Pensieve Sentinels first. This will leave you and the Pensieve Protectors alone for a battle.

On the contrary, Pensieve Protectors & Sentinels have an Ancient Magic that grants them the ability to respawn their weapon each time they are disarmed. So, you can use Expelliarmus to take their weapon and hit Pensieve Protectors with it.

How to Beat Pensieve Protector in Hogwarts Legacy
Image Source – FP Good Game (YouTube)

Similarly, you can also use Expelliarmus on Pensieve Protectors as well. Once their staff is levitated by you, hit and hurt them to cause massive damage. Moreover, a Pensieve Protector is vulnerable without his staff. Hence, this is when you will be spamming basic casts to eliminate this enemy.

Upon clearing all the Pensieve Protectors and Sentinels in Hogwarts Legacy, you will be squaring off against the gigantic Pensieve Guardian. Don’t worry, here is another guide (link) where we have covered the steps to defeat him.

That is pretty much it on beating the Pensieve Protector in Hogwarts Legacy. While you are here, make sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki on Gamer Tweak.