How To Get Monopoly Go Peg-E Tokens For Free

Here are the best ways to earn Peg-E Tokens fast and free in Monopoly Go.

Monopoly Go offers you to win big through their presented events and mini-games. The Prize Drop mini-game is one such opportunity for you to claim some precious rewards. The only condition is you will have to aim and throw a Peg-E Token, otherwise known as a Peg-E Chip in the slot. If you succeed, you can win stuff like Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, etc. However, there is always an “IF.” What if you don’t win it? The only way to tackle this “If” scenario is by farming Peg-E Tokens. Because having more tokens will increase your chances of earning rewards.

So in this guide, you will learn the best ways to get more Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go.

Here’s How to get Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go

Luckily, there are some ways to earn the Peg-E Tokens that do not involve spending real money in Monopoly Go. Here are they:

Daily Login Bonus

The developers of Monopoly Go are generous as they offer you a reward after 8 hours. The chances are thin but you can receive a Peg-E Token or Chip through Daily Gifts given to you. Make sure to keep an eye on the rewards and claim them for good.

Quick Wins

Complete Quick Wins to get Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go
Complete Tasks in Quick Wins to earn Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go. Screenshot by Gamer Tweak

This Monopoly Go feature is one of the best ways to farm resources like the Peg-E Tokens. Simply click on the Wins icon on the bottom left and complete the tasks mentioned on the screen. If you manage to fill the bar by doing most tasks, you may get rewarded with the Peg-E Tokens.

Tournaments and Events

As I mentioned earlier, the developers often introduce Tournaments and Events for players to participate in. These tournaments are frequent and you can always keep an eye on them from the main menu. While competing in Tournaments and Events, you will reach certain milestones. Upon hitting certain milestones, you will be rewarded with items that might Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go.

For now, that’s everything you can do to treat yourself with free Peg-E Tokens in Monopoly Go. Aside from this, if you are curious to know about the Lucky Chance Card then check out our guide on it.