Peculiar Wonderland Walkthrough: How to Unlock and Complete all Activities?

Genshin Impact Peculiar Wonderland: How to Unlock and Play the New Activity

Genshin Impact Windblume festival unlocks amazing new quests and characters. Peculiar Wonderland is one of them which has four parts. Every part has around 5 missions and each one rewards you with Mora, PrimoGems, and Guides to Resistance. The rewards vary on the basis of different activities. In this, you can learn everything about the Peculiar Wonderland quest of the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival Event.

Peculiar Wonderland Walkthrough

This section of the Windblume festival consists of mini-missions. After every three you will have to fight a boss. You can play the boss fight in co-op and earn some free tickets for the day. You will have to gain access to the event first in order to play Peculiar Wonderland.

Peculiar Wonderland Missions

Reach Adventure Rank 20 and complete Archon Quest Prologue: Act III – Song of the Dragon and Freedom. Basic requirement to enter the Windblume Festival. Go to the city of Mondstadt and complete Ode to Flower and Cloud Quest. It is a simple quest where you will learn everything about the festival.

Genshin Impact Plauen

Peculiar Wonderland Map Location

To unlock Peculiar Wonderland, complete the quest and then find Plauen. Go outside Mondstadt near Whispering Woods. Look for the blue portal after crossing the bridge outside the town. It easily noticeable, look on the right side. You will find Plauen near the glowing blue door, talk to him and interact with the door to enter Peculiar Wonderland.

List of Challenges in Peculiar Wonderland Quest:

  1. Stepping Stone Antics
  2. Windblume Blessing
  3. Barrage Minuet
  4. The Great Bubble Crash
  5. One-Way Traffic
  6. Bubble Speedster
  7. Shimmering Path
  8. No Landing

At the start of the quest, you can play the first five games. Each mini-game will have a mix of games. Here are details on how to complete them.

Stepping Stone Antics

You will be on a platform of blocks, a few of them will shake and fall down. Watch for those who are not moving and stand on them. This a time-based mission, pretty easy to complete. Just make sure you stand on the blocks which are not moving and others all will fall.

Windblume Blessing

Many crowns will fall from the sky. Avoid touching a special illusory Crown that changes colors. You will get negative points for collecting them. Grab only the necessary before the time is over.

Barrage Minuet

The mechanism in the center will shoot projectiles, evade them by jumping or dodging in the opposite direction of projectiles. There will be multiple waves of red, purple blocks, and explosive gems. Make sure you run around and reserve your stamina for evading bigger attacks.

The Great Bubble Crash

A simple guest where you will have to avoid the mist bubbles. Reach the endpoint within the time limit. If you hit you will be restrained for a time and lose Facundity.

One-Way Traffic

Remember the tiles to walk on. The best way is to take a screenshot of the screen. Only the lit-up platforms are safe to walk while other ones have traps.

You know about all the mini-games inside the Peculiar Wonderland. More will be unlocked in the coming time. After completing three of these you will have to deal with a boss. And later you will be able to reap the rewards.

Genshin Impact Peculiar Wonderland Rewards:

Peculiar Wonderlands Rewards

You will earn Peculiar Coupons that can be used to buy items in the event shop. If you abandon a challenge you won’t get anything. You can earn additional rewards for completing tasks under Peculiar Conqueror. More activities will be unlocked as you keep on playing the missions.

You will earn 200 tickets/coupons each time for clearing the event and beating the boss. Max coupons to be earned in this part of Genshin Impact is 1200. You can use this to buy items from the shop or upgrade weapons or unlock new 4-5 stars weapons.

That’s it for the Peculiar Wonderland event of the Genshin Impact Windblume Festival. Want help with how to complete Windblume Festival then hit the link.